Nebutech: An Exemplary Business Organization Backed by a Strong and Motivated Workforce

Mukundh Bhushan,Founder & CEO

Mukundh Bhushan

Founder & CEO

Employees are one of the most crucial facets of a business organization and the success of a business is largely dependent on the quality of their employees. It is also the responsibility of the organization to ensure that their employees are motivated to work in an optimal manner for the success of the organization. This is a tough balancing act and many companies fail to get this right. Nebutech is one company that follows a metrics-based approach which has helped them to not only create an inclusive working environment where their employees could excel but they have also successfully created a working model that allows open and free communication within the organization.

Nebutech is an innovative product-based company and their products are architected using microservices, unified platform, multi-language support and cloud first approach. The development of their products is based on open-source stack with seamless API integration. Mukundh Bhushan, Founder & CEO and A. Kasthuri who is Co- Founder of the company acknowledges the importance of having a motivated workforce and have given major emphasis to ensure that their employee's issues are addressed in the most efficient manner.

When asked about what motivated him to start Nebutech and the quality of their employees, Mukundh adds, "I was in my third year of college when I started the company and It was always my dream to start a business of my own. The reason why I started the company is so that I can bring my ideas to life. As of now, we have five people working with us and we have another 20 working with us in the augmented work space. When we hire someone, we try to make sure that they are self-motivated to give their best for the organization. Having this kind of employees also helps us during
our brain storming sessions and apart from that, we also have regular knowledge sharing sessions.

Having a motivated workforce also means that they will be pro-active which is also a crucial facet of running a successful business organization. So, we give extra attention when it comes to hiring our employees. The people that I work with also make sure that they keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and they also go to various educational institutions to learn about these new technologies. Also, at Nebutech, every product that we come up with is considered as a startup of its own and this allows us to get more attached to that product and put in our best for that".

A.Kasthui, Co-Founder

Employees also recognize the effort made by the company to create a better working environment for them and this is clearly showcased in their performance. Acting as a further testament to this, Srigowri who is a junior software consultant at Nebutech said this when asked about the company and its work culture, "I feel working at Nebutech is building strong foundation and confidence towards my brighter software career. Being a fresh civil engineering graduate, I was having very limited knowledge on software tools. Nebutech has given me the opportunity to learn and sharpen my skills and more than this, the support I received from management is really tremendous. They are always encouraging open discussions, considering employees opinions and continuously working on the feedback. Thanks to Nebutech for leaving such a remarkable footprint on my career".

Adding more about the employee program at the company, Prathmesh who is a UI/UX Designer at Nebutech says" I have been a UI/UX Design consultant for Nebutech for almost 1 year. It has been an amazing learning experience for me. People here are very comfortable to work with. The most important part is that they listen to your ideas and involve you in the process in a very democratic way. I like that the deadline for the tasks is made considering the efforts and thought process required to do them. I have always received a constructive feedback for my work which keeps me motivated to work".

Evolving with the changing times, Nebutech has high hopes for the future and the company has set a well-planned future road map for them that includes coming up with new and innovative products while at the same time increasing their workforce. With the right investment partners, Mukundh has also got high aspirations for the long-term objectives of the company which will see Nebutech grow into a standard-bearer and market-lead-er in the industry.