Neeman's: Comfortable Shoes Made Using Revolutionary Natural Fibers

Amar Preet Singh , FounderGreat success in entrepreneurship grows from just one tiny seed. There are always motivators, personal qualities,share of struggles that drives entrepreneurs to make their big idea a reality. Given the unusual lifestyle they have and that so many are fueled by the promise of wild riches, it comes as no surprise that many of them share inspiring stories about overcoming adversities. One such story is of Taran Chhabra, who founded Neeman’s, India's first Startup to use the world's most revolutionary natural & renewable fibers in Footwear. The idea originated from a personal occurrence. During a trip to Spain two years ago, Taran almost missed a train due to over packing. He was travelling with five pairs of shoes for different purpose. Post this incident, he started looking for a common pair of shoes that can serve all purpose. With very little background in footwear and design, he travelled to different shoe manufacturing hubs around the world to learn how shoes were made. “What I saw left me puzzled. Most of the shoes were made with synthetic and chemical heavy fibers that are bad for the environment. The question in my mind was, We look for better, nutritional and organic food, why don’t we look for similar qualities in our shoes,” he says. This paved way for the inception of Neeman’s with the focus to drive a culture of pure comfort and sustainability by introducing shoes.

The company’s focus has been to use better materials in making shoes. The team traveled to Australia and discovered the impressive properties of Merino wool. “Merino Wool has been used in fashion for decades and has
amazing properties like moisture wicking, odour resistance, temperature regulation and we wanted to bring all these unique features to footwear. We were amazed to learn that, unlike regular wool, Merino is one of the softest, lightest all natural materials in the world and all natural temperature regulating qualities make it usable year round,” Taran mentions.

Neeman's has launched direct to consumer via its website to enhance the buying process of shoes online

The team has relied on reaching out to consumers on different mediums and has driven value and awareness on how their shoes are different and better. Taran informs, “consumers in india have taken our methods to notice and loved our shoes thus far. We reach out consumers of different age groups in different mediums and drive awareness in a unique manner.”

Taran Chhabra, Founder

The Growth
With a young and passionate team of 15 people coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, Neeman’s has carved a niche in the market. It has received great recognition and love from various sectors within six months of our launch. The company has been awarded Game Changing Brand of the year within Consumer Space, covered by CNBC in #changing India series, featured by various media houses like Your story, Inc 42, GQ India , DC and others.

Neeman’s has launched direct to consumer via its website to enhance the buying process of shoes online. “We ensure our consumers experience the product and keep it only if they love the comfort we have crafted. We have grown over 20 percent month over month since our launch,” he says.

In the coming times, it is launching Women Shoes by Aug 2019, Neeman’s flagship Store by Sept 2019. It is also creating several experiential zones across the country to ensure a different experience for the customers.