Neon Gaming Studio: Comprehensive Gaming & Online Tournament Platform

Harsh Kothari ,COO& Co-Founders
Harsh Kothari

The Indian gaming ecosystem thrives like never before. Starting from PUBG, a mobile game which took the entire nation by storm in the recent past to PC games like FIFA 18, CS Go, Dota II, Paladins, and Rocket League, all have redefined the way games are played in the country. Today, games are not just restricted to professional gamers but have opened windows of opportunity for casual players too where they can experience the real essence of gaming. Also, with investments pouring in towards India, the eSports industry is witnessing a never seen before transformation. In January 2018, the acquisition between Nasara Technologies and Nodwin Gaming has further widened the possibilities for other eSports start-ups to take this to a whole new level.

Fostering the element of trust in the eSports ecosystem, Neon Gaming Studio has emerged as one of the brightest start-ups tirelessly creating a brand in the industry by developing a state-of-the-art technology platform that unifies everyone, be it gamers, casual players, gaming
enthusiasts, sponsors, and gaming companies under one roof. The company strives to create a sustainable infrastructure for the future growth of eSports in India.

" Sitting on a cherry-topping billion dollar gaming industry, Mumbai-based Neon Gaming Studio which started in a bootstrap mode is now in an expansion phase"

Harsh Kothari, COO & Co-Founder, Neon Gaming Studio, explicates, “There will be a huge inflow of investment that is going to drive the growth of eSports industry, and a majority of the big players are taking interest on gaming as an essential part of their brand strategy, as it encourages consumer engagement. However, the market is fragmented even till this day. We have gamers playing the game from across India. Unfortunately,they are not united as a platform.”

Neon Gaming Studio to the Rescue
Gamers are known to unite only when the tournaments happen, but there is no continuous engagement or involvement amongst them as a community, where people can come together, grow professionally, train, play casually, or even try different things. Neon Gaming Studio having organized premium offline gaming events like IeSC(Indian eSports Championships) and NGSC Kick Off Gujarat FIFA Tournament since its incorporation in 2016, understands the essence of building a community platform
where gamers of all walks of life can come together as one to boost the entire ecosystem. “Right now, we are burning money as a company to bring this industry to a certain level, before the industry starts paying us off,” mentions Harsh.

With innovation and quality execution, Neon Gaming Studio is evolving with changing times, and its platform hosts a plethora of games, where the users can play anytime,anywhere. Most importantly, the platform has a leadership board, where the players are ranked based on their skills and game play. “These are the cream players who will represent India in International eSports tournaments, ”assets Harsh.

Conquering the Multi-billion Dollar Industry
Sitting on a cherry-topping billion dollar gaming industry, Mumbai-based Neon Gaming Studio which started in a bootstrap mode is now in an expansion phase. Initially started by Harsh and Purvish Kothari, an industry veteran, today, the team has grown to 15+ members, where they handle the production, operation, and execution of both online and LAN tournaments. “In the years to come, we will be expanding to tier I and tier II cities, where we will be creating gaming arenas. Also, we will be escalating to international markets to boost the Indian eSports ecosystem to a whole new level,” concludes Harsh, optimistically.