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Ch Priyobrata Singh,Co-Founder & CEO

Ch Priyobrata Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

The startup culture reached North East quite late compared to other parts of India. Young firms, start-ups/entrepreneurs faced numerous challenges due to a lack of proper eco-system and enablers such as funding agencies, mentors, legal guidance, and media to develop. Established in 2018, Neopath Technologies Private Limited is a technology and consulting company headquartered in Imphal that focuses on finding new ways of doing things and improving the quality of life with innovative technology solutions. The firm has built world-class software solutions and mobile apps with customer bases beyond Manipur.

“North-East was stereotyped as only a region of culture, agro-based industries, tourism, indigenous foods, etc. In recent years, people have considered North East as India’s gateway to south-east Asia and land with unexplored opportunities. As the world is grasping Industry 4.0, Neopath has been a company from North East with global ambitions, working towards easing people’s life using technology”, says Ch Priyobrata Singh. The company is known for high-quality and dependable IT products and services at a moderate cost. “Neopath commits to being a highly professional company operating with a global outlook, and we take pride in our premium customer service and professional conduct", adds Ch Priyobrata Singh.
Pioneering Services for Holistic Growth
Neopath Technologies is mainly involved in Software Development, Management Consulting, IT infrastructure support and Digital Marketing services. The firm started with 'SkoolSync' as its first flagship product, a SaaS platform providing flexible digital cloud-based solution modules (school/institute management, e-LWearning and collaboration).

The activities of a school/institute can be performed 24x7 nonstop anywhere using the internet from a mobile/laptop at zero infrastructure investment. Skoolsync was launched initially only as simple parent-teacher communication and collaboration app in 2019 but has grown over time with many new modules to meet increasing customer and market demand. Apart from this, Neopath has developed several websites and web applications, such as managing the online booking of doctors, society membership etc. and is currently working on a digital monitoring system for a social forestry and conservation project. “We put a clear vision, add value and work to achieve it”, mentions Ch Priyobrata Singh.

Neopath successfully leverages varied team experiences and follows standard industry best practices, customising them when necessary. The senior tech team members are highly experienced in the latest platforms like Node JS, PHP, and C# with previous experience in Global IT firms. The associates of Neopath reflect a world-class professional and quality culture as industry experts with collective 50+ total personyears of corporate expertise globally lead them.

The company’s major success has been supporting the client school’s uninterrupted online classes and e-learning facilities during the academic year 2021-22, while most of the time, schools remained closed due to COVID-19. Neopath breaks even in FY 2020-21, within three years of operation, having very high revenue growth every year. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and supported by NASSCOM through 10,000 START-UPS initiative, has won “One of the Top 18 Fundable Start-ups of 2020 at the Northeast India Fund Fest”.

Neopath Technologies is developing world-class ERPs and Apps for institute management and e-learning, digital marketing excellence. Internet is bringing a massive change, due to which majority of the institutions will be digitised, and blended learning will be the new class norm. Social media will be the preferred channel of marketing and promotions. The company is confident to continue to grow leaps and bounds as demand for its products and services is growing