Nepal Realistic Solution: Management & Technology Consulting

Roshan Shrestha,Founder & CEO

Roshan Shrestha

Founder & CEO

Nepal Realistic Solutions is the upshot of Roshan Shrestha's breadth of view. The time he has spent in the industrial environment has earned him the pronounced knowledge and information about the functionality of the ecosystem. He perceived the integrants that could empower an organization to bloom and precipitate economic growth. The desire to preface the tactics which businesses are supposed to be administered has incited him to set the founding stone of Nepal Realistic Solutions- an organization that has changed the enterprise structure and at the same time redefine business mechanism to help venture evolve successfully in the commercial ecosystem of the landlocked country, Nepal. In all respect, it is boutique management and technology consulting firm that offers clients practical and creative solutions to their complex business challenges.

Nepal Realistic Soultion envisages to assist businesses to ameliorate their overall performance, setting about the various obstacles and unearthing new course of actions to accomplish every undertakings adroitly. To confer a downright support, it crafts well-founded, bona fide and viable solutions. The company hold a fascinating record of dispensing an extensive range of services ranging from human resource to boutique consulting. In the main, it has served many and various sector
including education, accounting, management and so and so forth. Taking into consideration the divergent needs and requirements of the concerns, Nepal Realistic Solution hews a gamut of services such as Human Resource, Education & Training, Consulting & Implementation, Research and Development, Accounting & Finance, Strategy & Operations, ISO Standard Certification, Technical Consulting and many others. "As a boutique management and technology consulting firm we specialise is delivering practical yet creative solutions to clients who intend to make noteworthy progress and square up to any sort of test and trial coming on their path. We are in actuality striving to bring a new dimension in the Nepalese Industry," says Roshan Shrestha, Founder & CEO, Nepal Realistic Solution.

Nepal Realistic Solution envisages to assist businesses to ameliorate their overall performance, setting about the various obstacles and unearthing new course of actions to accomplish every undertakings adroitly

Its other areas of expertise are Corporate Strategy, Customer & Marketing Strategy, Merger & Acquisition, Social impact strategy, innovation, financial management and many others.

How does it Work!
Nepal Realistic Solution observes a unique method of working, adhering to the concept of PDCA. In essence, it eliminates, minimizes, maintains, improves/develops, and adds the various elements to produce the best fitting formula which will attract positive sustainability towards the business. As he adds, "At Nepal Realistic Solutions, we have dedicated our team of experts to dream up the most prudent and desirable resources. We amalgamate passion, desire, hard work and sincerity to uplift other corporations' opulence. We match solutions with challenge to plant the seeds which will help our clients to grow. In short, we assess, understand, design and implement evaluated process to help businesses meet the competitive edge."

The company's prime object of exercise is to avail the valid extensive industry knowledge along with strong collaborative values to focus on all the challenges of the client's and facilitate them with effectual suggestions that would enable them to grow strategically. In fact, it ultimate intention is to become a go-to firm for every innovative, customised, and sustainable solutions. It aims to be the one and only firm that meets all management and technology related challenges.