Neuphony: Transforming Cognitive Health with Next-Generation Neurofeedback

  Bhavya Madan, Co-Founder & CTO,   Ria Rustagi, Co-Founder & CEO

Bhavya Madan, Co-Founder & CTO

Ria Rustagi, Co-Founder & CEO

The neurotech wearables sector is transforming. With the increased emphasis on brain health and cognitive well-being, these technologies have become critical in monitoring and improving mental states. Several key factors are propelling the neurotech wearable industry forward. For starters, rising consumer awareness of the importance of mental health and psychological well-being is driving demand. Furthermore, advances in sensor technology and AI-powered analytics improve the accuracy and utility of these devices. Despite the industry's potential growth, consumers face ongoing hurdles. Wearables must suit a wide range of head shapes and sizes, and device comfort and fit remain an issue. Neuphony, a market leader in neurotech wearables, is determined to overcome these challenges. Its flagship product, 'Brain Wearable Change', is intended to provide the user with comfort and versatility. Neuphony helps people boost cognitive well-being, meeting the industry's promise with accessible, user-centric solutions.

Harnessing EEG Technology, Powered by Made in India Hardware & Proprietary AI
Neuphony transforms cognitive health with next-generation Neurofeedback and harnesses EEG technology, powered by Made in India hardware and Proprietary AI. The company prioritizes quality products and excellent customer service. This remarkable brain health revolution was co-founded by Bhavya Madan, Co-Founder & CTO, Neuphony and Ria Rustagi, Co-Founder & CEO, Neuphony with an aim to improve cognitive well-being by utilizing neurofeedback and BCI technologies. Ria's knowledge of semiconductors and Bhavya's skills in embedded systems and neuroscience fuel
their invention. Their quest was sparked by a personal tragedy involving Ria's sister's misdiagnosed brain ailment. Neuphony, which arose from Bhavya's interest in consumer technology, is committed to crafting a better future for brain health.

Neuphony's Brain-Powered Innovations
Brain Wearable Change, is an Indian product in this niche market, made in India with pride. While this brain-monitoring headgear enables customers to gain an improved awareness of their mental capacities, Neuphony investigates a wide range of wellness applications with brain activity evaluation, catering to market interests as well as demands. This technology's potential is boundless. Neuphony is a perfect instance of hardware and manufacturing innovation. 'Brain Wearable Change', its groundbreaking product, features cutting-edge EEG indicators that record brain activity. What defines Neuphony is its dedication to in-house manufacturing, with each device subjected to rigorous 30-minute testing to ensure top-tier quality and functionality. “Imagine being able to control a wheelchair with your thoughts, adjusting home lighting based on your mood, or even commanding robotic cars in a game context, all with the strength of your mind. Neuphony's offering connects these disparate applications in the embedded and IoT domains”, says Ria Rustagi, Co-Founder & CEO of Neuphony.

While the headband presently meets 80percent of customers comfortably, Neuphony is expanding its product line to meet the needs of the remaining 20 percent of users for a more inclusive fit. What differentiates Neuphony from the other players in the expanding neurotech industry is the company’s dedication to the development of the ecosystem for structure expansion. NeuroTech and EuroTech's devices worn on the head in conjunction with EEG sensors unlock the brain's potential. Neuphony's device has received high ratings and an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) for exceptional performance and reviews across industries ranging from wellness to technology.

Pioneering Neurofeedback Technology
The cornerstone of Neuphony is founded on neurofeedback principles, in which the device responds to the user's attentiveness levels, similar to how music tempo adjusts to a runner's pace. The device improves the user experience by amplifying the audio component, making interactions more engaging as you focus more. Each product is scrutinized by the manufacturing and R&D teams before being sent out for 30 minutes of intensive use and functional testing. This strict quality control is backed up by an unrelenting dedication to customer service.

Neuphony is a symbol of ingenuity and commitment in the ever-changing world of brain health, leaving an indelible mark at the intersection of neuroscience and technology. "Neuphony's future holds enormous promise as it works to democratize access to this innovative technology. Our goal encompasses a wide range of lowcost, high-quality items customized to specific demands such as neurological issues, bedridden clients, students, and others", concludes Ria Rustagi.