Neutrinos: High Impact Enterprise Grade Apps for Everyone

Ashok Bhattacharya , CMOIoT has played a vital role in exceptionally improving the productivity of one’s routine tasks. This is one of the notable reasons behind the steady rise in the number of connected gadgets in offices and homes across the globe. Neutrinos is a boot strapped Rapid Application Development platform company founded by industry experts in Johannesburg in 2015, which later set foot in India and Singapore. The company is currently operating out of Johannesburg in South Africa & Bangalore in India, with a team of strong, enthusiastic, and selfdriven individuals who strive to learn and contribute every day and bring unique value to businesses. Neutrinos was founded amidst a eureka moment that stemmed from collective experiences and challenges faced first hand, coupled with the passion and urge to make a difference in the world of technology.

Neutrinos business culture is based on 4 pillars, i.e.,innovative DNA, customer centricity, walk the talk and passion & trust. These pillars help Neutrinos with ingrained speed, capability, innovation and ROI in their platform. The company offers seamless integration capabilities across thousands of widgets, micro services, backend services,
and connectors. Users are empowered to easily build integrated high performance solutions. “We are currently developing some interesting solutions for large organizations across the globe in the areas of Insurance, Banking, Entertainment, and Retail & Media. Some of our recent innovative solutions include Smart Farming, Cognitive analytics, Proximity Marketing, Telematics, and Connected Homes using IoT. Our team constantly strives to develop new experiences across the world and contribute to smart solutions like these which have immense effect on improving the lives of people every day”, explained Ashok Bhattacharya, CMO, Neutrinos.

Neutrinos transforms app backlog into a high octane app factory with the fastest time to monetization, and no compromise on enterprise grade quality

In the days to come, Neutrinos is looking towards embarking on the digital transformation journey by adopting the latest technologies and embracing RPA, AI, IoT and Social Media Integration. The product roadmap of the company is to align with analysts like Gartner and Forrester who constantly help Neutrinos to evaluate their roadmap. Primarily, the vision of the company is to democratize application development and unleashing larger than life innovations.

The company’s platform enables organizations to accelerate the transformation and redefine productivity. Neutrinos transforms app backlog into a highoctane app factory with the fastest time to monetization, and no compromise on enterprise grade quality. With updated security and seamless platform integration, the company ensures to boost productivity without the costs and typically long lead times. Additionally, the company understands the unique challenges of organization and helps to develop custom, state of the art solutions to implement them with unwavering follow up & support. Neutrinos’ platform, tools & support are available to developers to unleash creativity, productivity and commercial success in all walks of life. “We have the application development the world is seeing in millions. We design products for customer alignment and for organization that can do and delivers the sort of ambitious rules and approaches. Our focus is at Asia first followed by US and Europe”, adds Ashok.