Newgen Education App: Opening Gateway To The World Of Digital Education Industry

Rajkumar Velusamy ,FounderThe evolution of Edtech startups began almost a decade ago, and the present market valuation of the Indian Edtech industry is $2.8 bil-lion and is expected to reach $10.4 billion by 2025. Additionally, India has over 250 million students, so digitalization and technology-forward platforms are the way to go in India as they are more accessible to a more significant number of students and also more economical than regular offline classes. The easy availability of internet connectivity has helped grow the demand for EdTech solutions. The pandemic has also accelerated their growth on a bigger scale, as online education was the only viable option.

The K-12 Segment, the higher education, and the upskilling categories primarily drive this industry's development by geometric proportions. In transforming modern education, NEWGENEDUCA-TIONAPP is emerging as a global ed-tech cloud solution that empowers K-12 schools, private tutors, and academic institutes to meet their educational needs through digital transformation solutions. Developed in 2020 as a flagship product of IBD Technologies, NEWGENEDUCA-TIONAPP is a SaaS product under cloud technology with headquarters in Chennai, India, and Croydon, London.

NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP'S commitment to fulfilling the needs of each stakeholder in the education industry
Considering the education industry, the main stake-holders are the administration, teachers, parents, and students. NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP is built with a perspective to ease the day-to-day tasks/activities of each stakeholder. The company is committed to advancing the educational sector through digital transformation. It has been helping the administration with stationary cost optimization, quick decision-making, and enriching teachers' productivity.

It helps the teacher to over-come their non-teaching work and provides a platform to support various teaching pedagogy that enhances the process of learning. It also helps increase student engagement with the addition of gamified elements and provides a flexible learning environment where students can learn and collaborate anytime and anywhere. And ultimately it helps the parents to access their child's information collated in one place and monitor their activities and progress.
The evolving technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and blockchain have already started dispersing to the general population, but scepticism and financial constraints prevent Institutes from investing in such technologies that will still face an uphill battle to be adopted by the casual user for now.

Considering such factors in mind, NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP is com-mitted to fulfilling the current needs of all the education industry stakeholders by providing digital transformation solutions. NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP has reached the minimum viable stage, where it has acquired five schools in Africa and five schools in the United Kingdom and has an ongoing channel partnership with different vendors in India and UAE. "NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP is emerging as one of the best solutions for achieving digital transformation in the education domain," speaks Rajkumar Velusamy, Founder of NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP, IBD Technologies.

Managing and Automating the learning system
NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP is a centralized white-label web and mobile app that provides seamless solutions like Digital Automation System to reduce manpower and Digital Learning System to accelerate learning for all that supports various teaching & learning methodologies such as video-based learning, STEM learning, collaborative learning, active learning, adaptive learning, and scaffolded learning. It also includes Assessment and Insights to go paperless and redefine the traditional assessment process, Automated notifications to enhance parental communication, Hybrid learning to meet the needs of diverse learners, Gamified elements like reward points, motivation, leader board & certificate issuing to increase student engagement & the completion rate of course activities and an Analytical Reporting tool for predictive analysis. "NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP proves to be good enough in terms of quality of service and in providing the service at an affordable price," speaks Rajkumar.

We strive to empower the educational institutions, councils and education fraternity across the globe through digital transformation solutions to achieve benchmarks in global education quality, teaching methodologies, student engagement and parental involvement

NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP'S core leadership has several years of experience in software development and consulting services which include digital transformation tools for educational institutes, end-to-end hybrid mobile learning application development, core-banking implementation, customization, strategic consulting, and managed services to solve modern problems and provide better lives and days by incorporating emerging technologies. The company upholds the ethical codes of conduct and commitment to integrity, honesty, and accountability and believes in long-term relationships that make a progressive difference in their customers' lives. The company has also received a five-star rating on Capterra and Getapp.

NEWGENEDUCATIONAPP'S aims to accelerate K-12 student learning through transformational teacher learning experiences focused on equity. By 2023-2024, the company seeks to partner with at least 100 schools, reach over 15,000 teachers and serve 1.1 million students all across the globe. The company has continued its in-vestments in product re-engineering, innovation, new features, and enhancements to serve the education industry better and is also on the track to raise investment funds for marketing. "We strive to empower the educational institutions, councils and education fraternity across the globe through digital transformation solutions to achieve benchmarks in global education quality, teaching methodologies, student engagement and parental involvement" signs off Rajkumar.