NEWISH: Where every day opens the door to new opportunities

Mr. Shish Kharesiya , Director and Founder

Mr. Shish Kharesiya

Director and Founder

Since startups are run by a small knit team working closely together, the work culture is often defined by the founding team's personalities and passions. Even if a company attracts the best employees, a negative workplace can contribute to a decreased motivation, higher employee turnover, and overall decreased productivity. It is hence important for businesses to create a culture that works toward the welfare of their employees. Gurugram based NEWISH is a leading example of the same. NEWISH is a company that offers a diverse and exciting approach to employee development which puts them in the driver's seat.

Equal Employment Opportunity, NEWISH values diversity and inclusion, and is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. "We comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination or harassment against any applicant or employee. NEWISH reinforced the five core values Integrity, Teamwork, Commitment, Innovation, and Customer centricity," says Mr. Shish Ram Kharesiya, MD & Founder of NEWISH. Right from the first day of joining, employees at NEWISH are expected to leverage professional freedom. Freedom to work and respect for an individual's opinion are the mantras that dominate the day-to-day working of NEWISH. Close working relationships with peers & seniors, collaborative & supportive working ecosystem, and formal work culture are some of the facets of NEWISH which make it an exciting organization to work for.
The journey to start NEWISH began after the remarkable success of Beybee. NEWISH was launched in 2016 because of the potential in the natural beauty products range. NEWISH understands the factors that motivate consumers to select beauty products and perceptions that keep on evolving with time. NEWISH's commitment revolves around giving consumers the potential and ease of purchasing beauty and personal care products online. To ensure the same, employees are expected to be responsible in their conduct within the premises and when representing "NEWISH" in other forums. "We expect our employees not to pursue activities that may bring disregard to the organization," adds Mr. Shish Ram.

Growth is a gradual process and as the company will grow, the roles and responsibility of individuals will improve which in results creates NEWISH, a better place to work,"

Employees are at the core of business at NEWISH and hence upskilling them is a priority. Upskilling is one of the most important ways to equip the workforce with the (digital) skills and competencies the organization needs to be future-proof. NEWISH, therefore, follow the trainer model. The company conducts innovative training on a monthly basis. Some of the ways followed by the company to ensure upskilling of its employees include, first, Learning and development. NEWISH employs various learning and development (L& D) programs for upskilling its workforce. Second, Skill transfer which involves moving abilities, knowledge and skills among executives to prepare them for leadership roles in the company. Third, peer monitoring, through this, a more experienced representative shows information and abilities to a less experienced employee. The coach likewise gives direction. And lastly, Peer coaching, in peer coaching, at least two associates cooperate to, in addition to other things, grow, refine, and fabricate new abilities, show each other, and tackle issues in the work environment.

Newish, being a Start-up provides immense opportunity for learning. It is an exciting and uniquely challenging experience. In the future, the leadership is planning to have more orientation towards engagement in work which is associated with feeling values, secure, supported, and respected, to host engaging team-building events and to launch individual employee development. "Growth is a gradual process and as the company will grow, the roles and responsibility of individuals will improve which in results creates NEWISH, a better place to work," concludes Shish Ram.