Niche Krafts: Revamping the Lifestyle & Luxury Segment with Aesthetically Appealing Stained Glass Handcrafts

Neeta Sharma,   Founder

Neeta Sharma


The handicrafts sector has long supported India's economy. It is one of the greatest employers in the nation and a major source of income for both the rural and urban populations. The industry is well known for being a pioneer of environmentally friendly zero-waste procedures and operates on a self-sustaining business model, with craftspeople frequently working on raw materials. India is home to 7 million craftspeople, according to official estimates. However, information from unreliable sources suggests that there may be 200 million artisans worldwide.

Niche Krafts began as a creative adventure around 20 years ago, and it later turned into a full-time passion and profession as it dives deeply into manufacturing classic designer handicrafts that bring uniqueness to its clients' homes. “The year 2020 was the watershed moment in the foundation journey of Niche Krafts. We went from full time academic careers to establishing a handicrafts online store. It was transformational in terms of rethinking and realizing a long cherished dream, converting years of experience in a deep-rooted hobby into a full-time e-commerce venture. It’s been a very exciting and rewarding time for us", speaks Neeta Sharma, Founder. Niche Krafts was born out of a deep-seated desire to produce outstanding handicrafts that maintain the timeless nature of the craft used to make them while also adding a touch of luxury to interior decor and designs.
Niche Krafts specializes in the fine workmanship of the stained glass, inspired by European stained glass art seen in historic cathedrals and churches, which Louis Comfort Tiffany later popularised with his stained glass lamps and lampshades. The firm offers customized solutions for stained glass in the Lifestyle & Luxury segment with the intention of creating this enthralling art form for the Modern and Contemporary Interior. “Be it Tiffany Stained Glass, Papier Mache, or Hand Painted Fabrics, each of our products is meticulously handcrafted with deep love and devotion to bring an exclusive and enriching experience to the buyer,” speaks Neeta Sharma, Founder. Real stained glass is produced by fusing metallic oxides during the glass-making process, giving the glass an infinite range of color, texture, and transparency and enabling the production of original designs, skilled craftsmanship, and highquality finishes, which are Niche Kraft's USP.

We have always encouraged artistic endeavours in our spare time even though we are academicians by profession

Every product at Niche Krafts is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans of the first order with a dedication to high quality, making them unique. “We have always encouraged artistic endeavours in our spare time even though we are academicians by profession. We were enthralled by Tiffany stained glass lampshades, cathedral/ church stained glass windows, and the vibrant hues of handcrafted stained glass sheets,” speaks Neeta Sharma, Founder. This devotion resulted in extensive research and experimentation, some failure and frustration, a continual quest for and creation of essential tools, and eventually the founding of Niche Krafts. Over the years, Niche Krafts has also expressed its interest in other arts and creative endeavours and has experimented quite a bit with Papier Mache projects, Calligraphy, Water Colour Painting, and Fabric Painting Exhibitions, but Stained Glass proved to be its enduring passion.

As part of Niche Kraft's longterm strategy, it will introduce new stained glass techniques while expanding and diversifying its existing product line in response to customers’ feedback, needs, and desires. “We are striving to make our products available online to the entire world, starting with the Amazon and Etsy online stores. Additionally, we would support our marketing efforts by promoting Niche Krafts' website and participating in trade shows and exhibitions for increasing our brand visibility", signs off Neeta Sharma, Founder.