Nithara Coffee: Devoted To Preparing The Best Quality Coffee Powder From Their 'Deep Rooted' Understanding Of The Coffee Industry

Nitish Harihar,FounderWhile India is known primarily as a nation of tea drinkers, the last few years have seen an unimaginable rise in the consumption of coffee. Up until now, the southern parts of India were known for consuming coffee on a daily basis. This was particularly true for Filter coffee which has traditionally been a big part of the culture. Coffee is grown and harvested in South India which can be attributed as the primary reason behind its popularity in this region. However, the past decade or two have seen an increase in awareness around coffee. That, and the increased penetration of western media has led to the current youth to appreciate this beverage in all parts of India. The north of India is also quickly gaining up on coffee consumption with every passing day.

With international coffee chains opening up at various locations, a number of picture perfect cafe’s opening in urban areas, and the penetration of online shopping and availability of homegrown coffee brewing firms on digital platforms, the consumption of coffee has been rising rapidly. Among the numerous brands out there in the Indian market today, one which stands out from the crowd for its noted uniqueness and high-quality is Nithara Coffee.

Derived from the Sanskrit Language, Nithara means 'deep rooted', and the brand brings this meaning to life every day through its deep rooted commitment to Quality, Consistency, and Service. Being pioneers of an industry which is largely quality driven, Nithara is setting the new standard of product as well as service quality for the numerous new names we see popping-up.

Consumer & Market Trends
“Consumer awareness has increased with regard to the different quality aspects of coffee. This has led to many different offshoots in the filter coffee market such as Single Origin Coffees & Make to order coffees", states B. Nitish Harihar, Founder, Nithara Coffee. In comparison to instant coffee, filter coffee requires more effort and time to brew. The pleasure of drinking filter coffee, nevertheless, continues to be at its pinnacle because it is freshly brewed and served. Additionally, the current market is more aware of the various brewing methods and how they affect the flavor and richness of each cup of coffee.

Methods like the Moka Pot, Aeropress, Siphon which are a little different from the classical way of brewing filter coffee using the Stainless steel/ Brass South Indian Filter are becoming quite popular now, especially in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The consumers' appetite for experiencing differently prepared coffee has also been piqued by these various brewing techniques. As a result, Nithara, as coffee growers and roasters are constantly vigilant to make certain that the client is ultimately satisfied with the coffee they are drinking.

A Range of Distinguished Products
While Nithara has a complete range of classic brews for newbies or people that are new to drinking coffee, the organization strongly believes in the power of customized blends to deliver exactly what the client demands. Coffee is a rather personal preference, and everyone likes their cup to smell and taste a particular way, this leads to
the necessity to create custom blends to perfectly soothe them through every single cup.

Nithara caters to the B2B and D2C markets. They sell coffee to HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafes) establishments at discounted rates as well as directly to clients via their physical branch offices throughout a few locations in Tamil Nadu. They also ship coffee to their consumers directly in addition to through the eshop on their website Moreover, their products can be purchased on reputable e-Commerce platforms as well. Nithara offers two major segments of Coffee, the first being Filter coffee, and the second, Instant Coffee. Within the Filter Coffee segment, Nithara produces three categories of coffees. The first is the 'Superior/ Signature Blends' which are roasted and blended for retail customers, which includes those who brew coffee at home.

“We maintain a minimum stock of coffee beans at our retail outlets and grind them only on need basis when ordered by our customers. We give our customers options on grinding size of coffee powder which basically depends on the kind of brewing equipment they use. These coffee powder are available both as pure coffee and also blended with 20 percent chicory. Our Pure Coffee is named Nithara Coffee Classic PB (Perfect Blend). Our Chicory Blended Coffee (80 percent Coffee and 20 percent Chicory) the ‘Nithara Coffee Premium’ are the superior blends”, adds B. Nitish Harihar, Founder, Nithara Coffee.

The Economy Blends belong to the second category of compositions. These blends are prepared and roasted so that the infusion may be kept for a longer amount of time and may satisfy the need of hotels and restaurants for a healthy balance between quality and cuppage.

Within this category, Nithara sells four different types of coffees, the pure coffee (dubbed 'Nithara Coffee Unique'), blends (dubbed 'Nithara Coffee Best'), blends (dubbed 'Nithara Coffee Perfect'), and blends (dubbed 'Nithara Coffee Prime').

The wholesale/hotel consumer is indeed the sole driver of the third category of coffee products. For usage by large chains of hotels and wholesalers, Nithara creates special coffee blends. These compositions continue to be exclusive to the purchaser, allowing them to preserve their own preferred coffee flavor profile in their businesses.

Raising the Bar for Coffee Brewers
“Our Estates Ramagiri and Krishnagiri Estates are situated in Chikmagalur. Our Ramagiri Estate has been awarded as 'The Best Among the Arabica – Bababudangiri Region' in the 'Flavour of India – The Fine Cup Award 2012' Competition. Our Krishnagiri Estate has been awarded as 'The Second Best Among the Arabica – Bababudangiri Region' in the 'Flavour of India – The Fine Cup Award 2011' Competition. Our Company Nithara Coffee was awarded as the 'Food & Beverage StartUp of the Year' on August 17-18, 2021 by Entrepreneur India. We were also awarded as the Emerging Startup of the Year 2022 by Economic Times”, shares B. Nitish Harihar, Founder, Nithara Coffee.

These accomplishments are the result of years of dedicated hard work and a commitment to excellence. The fact that Nithara Coffee sources its beans from its own estates as well as other reputable estates, primarily in Chikmagalur, Kushalnagar, and Wayanad, sets them apart from other coffee merchants. The coffee is carried to the company owned stores after it has been roasted in their world class imported machinery at their factory premises, where it is freshly ground and packaged right front of the customer as the demand arises.

The fact that nithara coffee sources its beans from its own estates as well as other reputable estates, primarily in chikmagalur, kushalnagar, and wayanad, sets them apart from other coffee merchants

Nithara has also made investments in top-notch, imported grinders and roasting equipment that are used to prepare roasted coffee and powder. This guarantees that the coffee powder's quality throughout the roasting and grinding process is uncompromised. Nithara Coffee's long-term plan is for expanding its footprint across India, beginning with South India. “Our Roasting Unit was started in the month of January 2020.

Our roast and ground outlets are presently available I Coimbatore, Erode, Salem and Chennai. We are slowly moving into other cities in Tamil Nadu to widen our presence and improve service”, further states B. Nitish Harihar, Founder, Nithara Coffee. This is carried out to ensure that their items are delivered to clients within the shortest amount of time, which further guarantees high quality and freshness of the product. They are expanding their production capabilities and sales team to make sure that customers may reach out directly to the team to obtain coffee products.