Nitrous : Delivering Quality Design Solutions

Nishant Jain, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer,Soumya Dheeman Kar, Co-Founder & CEO

Nishant Jain

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Some things don’t change. A picture can speak a thousand words, the right tune can move the soul and a well-developed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can make or break a product. In today’s time, the industry demands design & development teams to be highly user-centric and this is where Pune-based Nitrous-UX Design Studio has been able to generate value. The company has helped various development teams to align their processes to a more user centric approach. As a solution provider, it is also expanding its horizons to bring development under one roof for a one stop solution.

The concept of bringing Nitrous into existence was to propagate the true sense and meaning of User Experience and the value that entails for businesses globally. As India grows in awareness to the world of design thinking, Nitrous is building up an environment where fresh minds are brewing up the most strategically sound and visually appealing digital solutions for all kinds of businesses to grow. Throwing light on the founding story, Soumya Dheeman Kar, Co-founder & CEO and Nishant Jain, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Nitrous, mentions, “We have always enjoyed identifying and solving problems. Coming from backgrounds of Design and Product development and having generated value for clients like BMG, Videocon, Samsung, Dassault Systems as employees, we felt that we could do more.

So, in the mid of 2018, we left our high paying jobs to start Nitrous and the idea was to create a team of passionate designers who care about the products that they are building and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. All in India!”
Endless love for the work is what keeps team Nitrous moving forward. This result in a free work culture where ideas are encouraged and hard work is appreciated. The team understands the importance of quality work and does everything in its power to achieve that. “We also invest heavily on learning. Each individual is exploring and working beyond their designated job roles and learning new skills on a consistent basis. The office is like a playground with so many interesting things to do & experiment with. As creative people, this is the dream,” says Nishant.

Soumya Dheeman Kar, Co-Founder & CEO

An Edge over Others
Nitrous has a niche of helping businesses connect with their customers through good UX. “We are not service providers but advisors to businesses. Our target audience is Medium and big businesses who want to take their existing digital products to the next level,” Dheeman adds. The entire process is aimed at providing a 360-degree experience by making successful products and building brands and not just creating good looking screens or logos. “We do this by focusing on users, which form the core of any solution you build, be it B2B or B2C. Our metrics are defined by the success of the business,” Nishant states.
A testimonial to its success is Yelo Instant Loans, a past project by Nitrous that managed to achieved 1.1M+ downloads and 4.1 average rating on the Play Store and its ongoing project TargetRBI, a new e-learning platform for competitive government exams which is helping them scale up their business.

Nitrous is building up an environment where fresh minds are brewing up the most strategically sound and visually appealing digital solutions for all kinds of businesses to grow

The Road Ahead
Being a completely bootstrapped company, Nitrous has been evolving every day. From hiring the first person on year and half back to becoming a team of 10 passionate designers, the company has come a long way. “We started off at home, the Indian market. Next was China and Dubai. Then we gradually expanded to countries of Europe like Germany, France and Italy. We have recently entered the US market as well. Our biggest achievement is our client retention,” they conclude.