Niveshan Technologies: Accelerating Business Efficiency Worldwide with Holistic Approach

Kumar Bachchan,Co Founder & CEO

Kumar Bachchan

Co Founder & CEO

The proliferation of digital technologies has remained substantial over the past two decades. With `intelligence' being seen as the next evolution post digitization, disruptive technology innovations in the ICT space are being developed around the world and have deeply permeated various applications and markets. By its nature, ICT is in constant evolution.

However, 2020 was a perfect storm that accelerated the growth of several trends and shone a spotlight on the critical role technology now plays in reacting to and mitigating the impact of, unanticipated worldwide crises. Having the right properly maintained infrastructure in place has never been more important for individuals, companies, governments, and NGOs.

Niveshan Technologies established in 2018 is an end-to-end core ICT services provider, specializing in IT Application, Infrastructure Services, Surveillance & Smart Solutions, Consulting and Banking Solutions. It is an organization of young evangelists with more than 200 experts onboard. The firm is a global player covering the land-scape throughout the globe right from the Middle East, US, Europe, ANZ, and APAC Regions. Niveshan works methodically having a whole 360-degree view approach towards the Project and work towards sustainable growth keeping the long-term trust with all the stakeholders across the globe.

This makes Niveshan a true benchmark setter across the industries for Alliances, Technical Evangelism, Optimization, Training
& process Oriented, Methodical approach & delivery, and a One-Stop-Shop for all the solutions including innovations. Niveshan Technologies supports length and breadth with excellence in its expertise across all the industries and helps in thickening the roots of IT industry globally.

Niveshan Technologies has always endured a concept of sustaining growth while envisioning the future aggressively and moving towards its execution with utmost optimization and excellence. As a part of IT Application & Infrastructure services, the firm has different Service Portfolios, namely Software & IT application Support Services, Network, Security, Storage & Back-up, Mainframe & Database, End-User computing, and Datacenter services.

Further, the portfolio of IT Application & Infrastructure offerings is designed to cater to the needs of the Organizations and provides the entire gamut of services such as implementation, maintenance, Consulting, Policy Analysis, Research, Project Conceptualization, and many more. Niveshan as-sures complete comfort in System Integration, delivery, and performance with a reduction in their operations cost by heavenly margins.

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, human capital is a critical asset to have. Niveshan is a premium and the rarest choice that can be found today in the era of liberal capitalism. The firm works on a belief that every human re-source with Niveshan is a family including the Employees, Investors, Consumers, Alliances, Partners, every stakeholder. The firm maintains transparency and human hygiene in the complete ecosystem and sustains a belief in the security of the stakeholders from all perspectives, inclusive of Financial, Social, Mental, Physical, and Emotional. "If there is any asset that achieves a continuous wisdom, intellectual gains make an organization grow in all aspects of the value, even in the domain of time value money, then it is the Human Capital indeed,” signifies Kumar Bachchan, Co-Founder & CEO.

Niveshan maintains the highest level of harmony between the professional and personal interests of the workforce and thus according to that, an ocean of opportunities is given to the Niveshians for learning and exploring the domains as per their interests. For the Niveshan workforce, the existing and upcoming globe, technologies, industries, domains, fields, and dreams have no bars. A complete universe of it is open to them and the leaders to guide them as per their interest levels.

The Leaders at Niveshan have such varied exposure and excellence in diversified domains that it has helped the organization to stabilize and cement the stand in multiple industries and related opportunities simultaneously. Their values, vision, sustainable economic growth approach, and ever-growing hunger for learning along with the learned best of the processes through their journey have made the DNA of the firm not only stronger but also far more rooted and polished.