Nivid Informatics: Create Predictive Digital Twins for Different Business Processes

Sunil Nambiar, Founder & MD,    Mohit Deshpande, CTO

Sunil Nambiar, Founder & MD

Mohit Deshpande, CTO

There has been a surge in curiosity about digital twins in the past year. This is because digital twins are improving efficiency, quality, and sustainability in asset and process design, operation, and optimization for businesses. To make data and models work for the business, Nivid Informatics, headquartered in Pune, is dedicated to enabling Indian industries & the professional education sector with its technology to improve operations & service quality to exceed global standards, as the India partner of the Lanner Group (UK).

“For almost 30 years Lanner’s customers have been developing predictive digital twins and using simulation technology to solve complex business challenges and benefit from foresight of their decision outcomes. We can help you to gain insight into your business, make better planning decisions and become more adaptable to today’s rapidly shifting business landscape”, explains Mohit Deshpande, CTO (E&NM), Nivid Informatics.

Wide Range of Services & Solutions
Nivid Informatics specializes in modeling, simulation, and optimization. They use advanced modeling techniques to create digital replicas, or digital twins, of various business processes. These processes can be from different industries/domains such as manufacturing, services, logistics, supply chain management, banking, and quick-service restaurants. The company creates an exact digital replica of the business process in their software called WITNESS Horizon, which is a UK-based simulation software. This replica serves as a virtual representation of the realworld process. Also, Nivid Informatics conducts simulation experiments on the digital twin to identify areas of improvement and optimization. By running simulations, they can analyze different
scenarios, test modifications, and evaluate the impact on the process without making changes on the actual ground.

“In the manufacturing sector, Nivid Informatics helps companies improve their production processes by identifying bottlenecks, reducing cycle times, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall efficiency. Nivid Informatics also applies its expertise to non-manufacturing industries such as banking and quick service restaurants. We focus on minimizing queues, maximizing customer satisfaction, improving service efficiency, and streamlining operations”, states Mohit.

Furthermore, Nivid also collaborates with educational institutions, including prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs and NITs, to provide discounted access to their software. This enables students to learn and apply modeling, simulation, and optimization techniques as part of their curriculum. Nivid Informatics primarily targets engineering disciplines such as Mechanical, Production, and Industrial Engineering. They also offer their software to MBA programs with a focus on Operations Management, and Logistics & Supply Chain Management. In the future, they plan to expand to Finance and HR as well. “Nivid Informatics offers advanced simulation and optimization solutions across various industries, empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, and contributes to the education and skill development of students in relevant disciplines”, adds Mohit.

Mohit Deshpande, CTO

Since 2015, Nivid Informatics has expanded from manufacturing to education and non-manufacturing sectors to meet market demands. The digital twin concept has helped the company grow and offer complete solutions to clients. To do so, Nivid's future roadmap includes several important initiatives. First, the company will focus on manufacturing projects, completing ongoing projects, and expanding its expertise in the digital twin concept. Nivid also plans to enter non-manufacturing sectors such as call centers, banks, and hospitals. The company will use modeling and simulation to optimize processes and boost project management efficiency.

Thirdly, Nivid Informatics' future includes education. The company plans to turn 200 prestigious colleges into authorized training centers. The goal is to teach India process modeling & predictive simulation. Nivid Informatics understands the importance of modeling and simulation education to achieve these goals. The company aims to serve corporate and industry clients by expanding its trained workforce. Over the next two to three years, this growth and training will advance modeling and simulation in India.