Nomad Pizza: Expanding Horizons with Global Pizza Fusion

Amit Ajwani ,FounderIn a world where pizza has be-come synonymous with quick and convenient meals, Nomad Pizza emerges as a culinary trailblazer, redefining pizza culture by celebrating the exceptional tastes and flavors of diverse international cultures.

Since its inception, Nomad Pizza has set out on a mission to craft the finest pizzas in Delhi, and their unique concept of curating 'pizzas from around the world to your door-step' has captured the imagination of discerning South Delhi patrons. The overwhelming response led to the opening of the second outlet, offering delivery and dine-in services in Gurgaon.

Nomad Pizza was born out of a year-long global journey by its founder, Amit Ajwani, in September 2019. Amit, a former professional poker player decided to take a hiatus from the conventional nine-to-five routine to explore new horizons. His travels spanned continents, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, where he sampled pizza from various regions and countries. It was during these travels that the idea for Nomad Pizza took root.

Exploring Global Flavors
Nomad Pizza offers an array of pizzas inspired by 11 different regions of the world ranging from America to Korea. Their flagship pizza, the Naples, is an authentic Naples style pizza, and the company also offers a range of authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizzas. The Detroit pizza boasts a distinct shape that sets it apart, while the menu features an impressive variety
of options, including a whole range of breakfast menu; garlic bread, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Indian, and even Georgian pizzas, the latter featuring an egg as a topping. With over 50 to 60 varieties, navigating Nomad's menu is akin to embembarking on a global pizza adventure.

The commitment to delighting customers with novel creations is at the core of Nomad Pizza's philosophy. The company releases a brand-new country pizza each quarter that draws inspiration from the pizza of a different nation. Currently in the pipeline is a Japanese-inspired pizza, a testament to Nomad's dedication to keeping the culinary experience fresh and exciting. Nomad Pizza sources its toppings and ingredients internationally, ensuring each component meets the highest quality standards such as the finest European ingredients to meticulously selected flour from Switzerland and Maryland. Their partnerships with top vendors in India further under-score their dedication to delivering a superior product.

"Nomad Pizza's uniqueness lies in its extensive menu, offering up to 80 percent more choices than competitors. The pride of the brand rests in the superior quality of its ingredients and its meticulously curated menu. This rich variety keeps customers engaged and encourages them to explore and savor an array of distinct flavors, from Spanish to Korean to Naples, ensuring a dynamic and delightful culinary experience", mentions Amit.

Nomad's diverse pizza range is inspired by culinary traditions from all around the world

Nevertheless, leveraging technology to enhance the ordering and delivery experience, Nomad Pizza relies on a tech-driven approach, with 97 percent of orders originating from food delivery aggregators or websites. The brand employs cut-ting-edge software to track customers, manage inventory, and gather valuable feedback, ensuring fore-most customer service.

Lastly, operating under its parent brand, Traveller Series, Nomad Pizza currently boasts 40 outlets nationally, with ambitious plans to expand to 100 outlets the next year. The brand is also venturing into exciting new territories, including the introduction of the Nomad pure vegetarian pizza series.

"Nomad Pizza's upcoming dessert line promises to revolutionize dessert consumption in the country, reflecting their unwavering commitment to innovation and investment in delivering unique culinary experiences. Stay tuned for their exciting new creations, including pizza wraps and burrata bombs—a first-of-its-kind delight featuring various liquid fillings that promise to transform your pizza experience. Breaking into these burrata balls will provide an entirely new and exciting pizza experience", concludes Amit.