NORMS: Care beyond Health

Avinash Rajkumar, Founder, Divya Avinash & V.R. Rajkumar, Co-Founder

Avinash Rajkumar, Founder

Divya Avinash & V.R. Rajkumar, Co-Founder

NORMS a geriatric healthcare continuum that bridges the gap between hospital and home, was devised by Dr. Avinash Rajkumar, Mrs. Divya Avinash & Mr. V.R. Rajkumar, three passionate entrepreneurs who strive to redefine the healthcare space for the elderly. The establishment of NORMS was prompted by an unfortunate incident in Dr. Avinash’s life where his grandmother underwent a surgery. During this time, he realized that hospitals in India were not adequately equipped to support healing or rehabilitation post hospitalisation. Home care was unheard of at the time in the years of 2004-2005.

The tough time faced by the entire family to arrange the necessary equipment and the complete process involved in giving regular services by the nurses and physiotherapists made him think of a way to tackle these issues and provide quality healthcare at home for patients. He joined hands with Divya and Rajkumar and came forth with NORMS to set up a vital link between curing illness and good health.

NORMS was conceptualized as a comprehensive solution for all home health care & post hospitalization needs. The proficient team established the company on a theme that could deliver sheer relief to the senior citizens' post critical ailments. While striving to address the problem with home care for the elderly population, NORMS maintains high standards in the quality of manpower, quality of equipment, transparency in the requirements and
expectations in the outcome of the treatment and rehabilitation.

Focusing on advanced geriatric healthcare, it provides multiple support systems and extensive rehabilitation. “Our services include subscription models for preventive and round the year health care plans, chronic disease management & prevention of major illness. We also provide surgical rehabilitation, palliative care, and pregnancy & baby care, as value added services for clients who require them.” informs the founder.

Since its inception in 2014, NORMS has provided service to more than 1000 patients in all categories. It meticulously maintains records and has set protocols, SOP, Flow charts for onboarding a patient, and their continuum of care. Along with this, the quality manpower support, constant bond with patients, professional supervision and cost effectiveness are the few factors that make the company stand ahead in the market. It aims to have a foolproof method of quality and operations and has carefully set the standard operating procedures, protocols for homecare.

NORMS has developed working algorithms and flowcharts which enable the team to follow and provide consistent home healthcare services with uncompromised quality

The company has developed working algorithms and flowcharts which enables the team to follow and provide consistent home healthcare with uncompromised quality. “We are developing newer programs to cope with other challenges in the form of preventive health for the elderly. We are in plans to provide extended advanced care and rehabilitation, palliative health care, a training centre for the nurses and health care providers in 2020,” he exclaims.

The Road Ahead
NORMS is currently operational in Chennai and wishes to create a replicable model with quality as the most important factor. It is strengthening the team with more clinical experts joining them as partners/directors. The team comprises specialists in various verticals to provide the patients with 360-degree healthcare support.

“In the days ahead, we are going to make umpteen efforts to enhance our technology to make the services accessible to health care workers, primary doctors, patients and family members including online health records. We are planning to venture into new verticals of health care to benefit patients with cost-effective and quality solutions,” he concludes.