Novel IRS: Promoting a Culture of Continuous Improvement

M. Srinivas Rao,CEOThe secret to attracting and holding onto the best talent isn't always about fat pay cheques or cushy benefits ­ it's about relationships. Building a great and healthy work relationship with employees not only fosters a positive work milieu but also helps in the growth of the company. Like any other relationship, it also has varied wavelengths and requires a proper flow to sustain and grow. A good boss-employee relationship is about mutual understanding and appreciation. However, it's a process that requires quality time, effort, and empathy. One such company that crafts an aspirational work culture that connects to the theory of success is a Hyderabad headquartered IT infrastructure services company ­ Novel IRS (Novel Inductive Reasoning Software Pvt Ltd). The company refers to its employees as associates and provides them the freedom to innovate, learn, and grow. It has a working team that feels like family.

Novel IRS encourages its associates to share knowledge, voice their opinions, and take decisions independently. It always ensures that the lines of communication between associates and management are open. It firmly believes that recognizing fun and laughter on-the-job makes a difference in the way the job is done. It pays attention to associates' efforts, appreciates, and honors them in special ways. Mr.Vadde Srinivas Reddy, the company's Chairman, says, "We live by our core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Respect for People. We have world-class highly energetic and passionate teams working hard to achieve our goals."

Novel IRS Summary
Novel IRS was founded by a group of IT infrastructure experts with global experience working with diverse enterprise verticals from BFSI to ITES to offer the best-in-class IT infra automation services. The Principal Product Architect Mr. Vutukoori Srinivas Reddy has realized the need to have a unified platform to handle and manage some of the most critical infrastructure challenges, thus addressing the pain points. Thus, with countless hours of hard work and dedication, the team has developed application software called the MIRAT (Modern Infrastructure Remote Automation Tool). It is an end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution tool suitable for small to large companies aiming to reduce the number of integrations, and complexity by eliminating repetitive tasks with affordable and cost-effective prices. It is
suitable for on-premise, cloud or hybrid-based IT infrastructure. MIRAT is capable of providing a bundle of tools under one license offering centralized self-service capabilities, which the other vendors fail to offer.

The best part of the tool is that it has a live graphical display of IT infra status, a complete integrated gamut of IT infra solution, multiple/single modular flexibilities that can be integrated with any third party or your existing tools & frameworks, high-value proposition & ROI, most cost-effective licencing with perpetual , annual and also subscription models . The product security assessed by KPMG making it stand out from the crowd. Apart from these, MIRAT also has distinguished features like self-healing ­ allowing incidents to auto-heal without cognizance of the user, and single pane of glass (window) for entire ITSM/ITOPs management. MIRAT provides a complete view of the overall IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass where you can monitor your entire IT environment with a single source of delivering valuable information presented in a crystal-clear format so that you can resolve issues quickly and make more informed decisions.

Mr. Vadde Srinivas Reddy, Chairman

Novel IRS is headed by M. Srinivas Rao, CEO, popularly known as `Srini Maganti' in corporate circles, has over 23 years of IT experience with the capabilities of leading an organization. He has strong leadership skills with out-of-the-box thinking, an excellent track record of product development, operations, corporate compliance, and M&A. He also has hands-on experience in corporate management, overall business development, and operational efficiency. Under his leadership, Novel IRS has accomplished to showcase their product MIRAT's features and value addition by more than 120 demos globally to various industry verticals prospects in very short time after go to market launch. This traction was quite encouraging and helping their sales teams to convert these into sales and prospects pipeline. By analysing the prospects feedback in-depth after demos, they could quickly incorporate some of the advanced features keeping in view the expectation of a global customer. This helped the company to align product features with major players in this space which took their business prospects to next level in short period. Novel IRS is also working with government organisations as a part of their e-governance initiatives and ongoing POCs with them are quite promising. On product roadmap front, the team is working on the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), RPA ( Robotic Automation Process) to shift from ITSM / ITOPS to a full-fledged AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) version.

Vadde Srinivas Reddy, Chairman
Vadde Srinivas Reddy is an industrialist and philanthropist. He has been actively associated with several social, cultural, and professional bodies and held responsible positions reflecting his versatility, leadership, and standing in the industry and social circles.

M. Srinivas Rao, CEO, Novel IRS
"Novel IRS is constantly striving for global presence with innovation, R&D to provide customers with speed, agility, and efficiency to tackle business challenges in the IT infra management space with the most affordable pricing for all sizes of organizations internationally,"