Novitates: Transforming the Digital Futures of Industries

 Saneeth Reddy & Krishna Mohan,  FoundersThe latest advancements in technology have completely changed the way the industry functions. As a result, companies are now left with no other option but to integrate the latest technologies into their existing processes. Being the tech-savvy lot, today’s consumers too are increasingly opting for digital platforms to have a seamless and enhanced customer experience, further pushing the companies to strengthen their digital infrastructure by utilizing customized software solutions. Thus, software solution companies now serve as the catalysts for technological advancements and economic growth across industries.

Amongst the multitude of companies that harness the power of innovation, one that stands out is Novitates, a next-generation software solutions firm headquartered in the vibrant city of Hyderabad. Founded in 2018 by two architects possessing over a decade of diversified experience, the company has earned a reputation in the market for its client-centric approach and industry collaborations. By embracing experimentation and prioritizing ethical practices and corporate social responsibility, Novitates is now setting benchmarks in the global tech industry.

“Novitates consists of a skilled crew involving architects, developers, reviewing experts and wizards of technology who promise customized solutions for every industry. We offer a portfolio of holistic services which culminates into an epitome of innovation and excellence. Our specialists use developed OCR technology in document
automations and employ machine learning and NLP algorithms that process AI-driven ChatBots. Additionally, while our IT consultations elevate your business potential, our process mining services provide intricacy of event logs. This enables our customers to experience seamless deployment, integration and quality assurance of products", explains Saneeth Reddy, Founder, Novitates.

Regarding employee growth and development as paramount, Novitates trains every employee in the organization regardless of any external coaching. The tutorship program upskills the employees by bridging the gap between theory and practical hands-on experience, enabling them to refine their abilities and gain insights into their daily job profiles. Post training in Novitates, the employees are also honored with professional certifications and recognitions.

Krishna Mohan, Founder

Furthermore, Novitates conducts numerous mentorship sessions to rectify the employee’s projects. In addition, to the sessions, the employees also have immense liberty in selecting the category of product or technology to register. Besides, the company also organizes numerous workshops, team retreats and interactive activities to foster motivation and build camaraderie. The organization believes in equal gender roles in work and runs secured employee assistance programs to help workers obtain financial and mental stability. Additionally, there are wellness holidays provided to the employees to balance work-life culture.

“We as founders rigidly adhere to the discipline of the work environment as we lead the way for our crew. Initially, we juggled countless tasks before recruiting perfect contenders, which was exhilarating. To transform the idea into reality to realize our vision, we are still moving ahead. Since the competition looms large, strategizing the customer relationship management and building the brand proposition is inevitable to turn obstacles into opportunities", elicits Krishna Mohan, Founder.

Over the years, the tech giant has been lauded with several accolades for its exceptional performance and client testimonials. Looking ahead, Novitates is truly committed to sustainability and minimizing environmental baggage. Beyond its current excellence, the company further aspires to grab the EMEA operations by expanding in Middle Eastern markets.