NutSpace Edtech: Making Children Future - Ready

 Rohini Vij,   Founder

Rohini Vij


As technology is changing at a break neck pace, it is essential to keep up with the change especially in the classroom where the children of tomorrow are getting ready to take charge. Stories have a lasting impact on the human brain and are fast finding their way into the classroom. The human brain processes information better when it is presented in the form of stories. However, the education system is still not being able to keep pace with changing times. To fill the gap in the current education system, Rohini Vij, a professional storyteller and educator, founded NutSpace with the aim of building 21st-century skills in students and teachers. The platform creates story based content for the classroom where students and teachers get an opportunity to enhance multiple skills including critical thinking, problem solving, English language, vocabulary, and even value based skills such as empathy, friendship, and love.

In the era of technology, NutSpace believes in the power of hybrid learning where it is essential to have a human element alongside technology which is why it is essential to empower the human element, the teacher. NutSpace conducts intensive pieces of
training for teachers and then hand holds them into delivering the content effectively in the classroom. The platform supports the classroom by way of original video content, lesson plans, assessments and DIY exercises for learning at home. NutSpace also believes in empowering the parent equally thus parent orientations are a regular feature when NutSpace content is integrated at schools.

NutSpace provides content that is meticulously curated to help children improve their imagination, listening skills, and language skills. The stories and music provided on the platform stimulate multiple parts of the brain, including the senses, ensuring that learning is lifelong. NutSpace believes in shaping good humans before anything else for it is humanity that is now amiss in the education system and for the all round development of a person, it is first important to be a good human.

The NutSpace mobile app and Youtube channel provide children, teachers, and parents with a wide range of learning experiences around different themes that build knowledge and life skills. “Between 0 to 12 years, children are laying the foundation for their future character. We support parents and teachers in delivering engagingand effective learning experiences that develop essential life skills and values for every child,” says Rohini.

The platform uses story telling, read aloud stories, vocabulary enactment videos, task based language teaching (TBLT), experiential learning, life skills and value based elements in their lesson plans where students are
prompted to use the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously. This unique style of teaching is promoting thinking skills, critical & creative skills, collaborative learning, language development, confidence, public speaking skills, problem solving skills, among others.

The team at NutSpace leaves no stone unturned to ensure relevant & safe content for children that prepares them for school & life. “We work towards building 21st-century skills in children and helping them become future ready,” she asserts. The content is designed to help them in early childhood development - Social Emotional Development, Understanding the World, Creative Exploration, Early Math & Science, and Early Language & Literacy. “The NutSpace app has the ability to measure what a child learns,” she mentions. All of the content congregated is developed by educational experts focusing on key areas of learning. The activities give access to structured and guided experiences. “Our activities and lessons supplement everything a child is learning in the classroom,” she adds.

The Brighter Side
Rohini’s passion for education and bringing about a change to the education system got NutSpace selected as one of the startups in the winter cohort at The Reliance Gennext Hub Accelerator Programme. Recently NutSpace was selected in the four monthlong Education Innovation mentorship programme(EIMP)by READ Alliance (An initiative of USAID & Centre for Knowledge Societies.)