NYK Daily: Pioneering Unbiased & Informative Journalism for a Global Audience

 Arushi Sana,  Founder

Arushi Sana


India has one of the most exciting media landscapes in the world with a huge evolving market. In 2020, television news channels comprised 43 percent of the total registered channels in India. In this internet era, individuals now not only rely on newspapers and television for news consumption, but also turn to tweets, memes, blogs, and various social media plat forms to stay informed. However, many news/ information on these platforms are unverified, pushing viewers into a dilemma regarding its credibility. As a result, there has been a significant surge in demand for journalism that is unbiased, enlightening, informative, and engaging to a global audience.

This growing demand was astutely recognized by a young entrepreneur, Arushi Sana, at the age of 23, leading to the establishment of NYK Daily in 2019, a pioneering news venture founded in collaboration with Nikhil Chandwani. The primary goal of this news platform is to counteract the widespread influence of biased reporting and provide a refreshing perspective to readers, especially the younger generation who are in the process of forming their worldviews and questioning established norms.

Standing a Class Apart
NYK Daily additionally employs data analytics to extract insights and identify trends in news consumption and readership. This along with a globally distributed team of reporters helps
to curate news that is both informative and enlightening. Their agile team and cutting-edge technology make sure the company de livers news on time. A well-designed tech stack ensures swift updates, while a streamlined editorial process ensures that speed is achieved without compromising the crucial element of accuracy. When asked about their unique selling point, Arushi says, “Our competitive advantage lies in the synthesis of technology and quality reporting. Our emphasis on global outreach sets us apart from others, and so does carving a niche in stories about countries that are usually unexplored in the media”.

The strength of NYK Daily lies in its diverse team of journalists hailing from various parts of the world

Team of Experts
The strength of NYK Daily lies in its diverse team of journalists hailing from various parts of the world. These dedicated individuals contribute insightful articles that cover a broad range of subjects, including climate change, science, wildlife, politics, travel, realestate, business leadership, history, and more. Being a strong sustainability enthusiast herself, the founder not only brings articles related to climate change at the forefront, but also promotes eco-friendly practices in the organization such as efficient re-cycling and minimizing the use of single-use plastics.

The organization’s journey was not without its challenges. One significant hurdle was the task of building an efficient and dedicated team while operating on a low bud get without the luxury of capital funding. Owing to her educational background in technology and management from VIT and IIM Nagpur, Arushi built a SEO-efficient website herself. Additionally, smart hiring decisions were made to assemble a team that could produce journalism driven content. “Another key challenge was gaining credibility not just as an organisation, but also as an entrepreneur in this world of budding business owners. We overcame this by adhering to ethics, bringing true variety in our columns and being re liable for the global community we had built”, adds Arushi.

Future Roadmap
As NYK Daily sets its course for the coming year, the goal is to expand their readership by 20 percent. To achieve this, plans are underway to introduce a novel vertical dedicated to sustainable furniture and eco-friendly home decor. Furthermore, the company also plans to scale-up their existing CSR initiatives, specifically those related to waste management. Also, the company aspires to continue its journey with commitment to journalistic integrity, sustainability and global perspective.