NYUZ: From Pioneer to Preferred Jewellery Retail Service Provider

Navin Sadarangani,Founder & CEO

Navin Sadarangani, Founder

Demonetization proved to be the most laborious for the jewellery industry, thanks to the government coming down firmly on all its reforms. This crackdown led to a complete revelation among the members that pushed for diverse organizational necessities, including a robust back-end system, process streamlining, improved human resource development and a scientific approach to marketing. This seemingly adverse situation for the jewelers however worked in favour of Mumbai-based NYUZ, a one-stop-retail jewellery service provider that stands unique by blending its industry know-how with upcoming innovative practices to consult customers take-up the progressive path and ensure a synchronized growth, as well as an adherence to the Indian legislative system.

The Rarest Gem
What makes NYUZ the rarest gem in the industry is the guidance of its founder Navin Sadarangani, whose humungous knowledge repository is ornamented with the knowledge gathered from countless live projects of real world and excellent mentors from legendary jewellery conglomerates. Unlike most
business consultants who just have management experience, Navin harbours 26 years of jewellery experience across different business models (International Sales, Platinum Jewellery Manufacturing, Branded Jewellery Retail Chain setup and Domestic Distribution Nationally).

"NYUZ’s consultancy/strategic retail assistance goes a step ahead of the managerial ideation and gives insight on the methods that are customized for each client and their end-consumers"

4Cs of Jewellery Retail Services
During its initial days, when the concept of jewellery retail was unheard of, the organization vested special emphasis on Training of Frontline Retail Sales Personnel to objectively train the face of these brands for a better customer engagement. Its consultancy/strategic retail assistance goes a step ahead of the managerial ideation and gives insight on the methods that are customized for each client and their end-consumers. For instance, in case of inefficient workforce, NYUZ takes a closer look at the training methodologies; likewise, in case of lackluster advertising, it offers a measured insight to the briefs & end-consumer interactions and gives them honest & real-time feedbacks to what went wrong. Besides fine-tuning the clients’ workforce, NYUZ’s expertise also shapes their administrative & creative modules via the specialized Creative Retail Services and Concept & Creations consultancy. The former implies on providing a specific service for which an existing service provider
not readily or known to be available. The latter focuses on creating jewellery concepts, right from ideating the targeted audience’s point of view to the design development, creating sub-brand labels, props, packaging and collateral support.

Through its tell-it-like-it-is philosophy and intricate understanding of the customer requirements, NYUZ has helped a bouquet of diverse jewellers - TBZ, Signature Jewellers like Anmol, Family Jewellers like Khimji and even Wholesalers like ORO and many others, outline strategies best fit to their desideratum. All the plans crafted are in accordance to the in-house process of Storming, Forming, Norming, Performing and Rewarding, successfully delivering end-to-end jewellery retail services through its Trust Connections in Advertising, Architecture, PR & Visual Merchandising and currently even Social Media Marketing.

Sharing interesting insights on NYUZ’s efficacy, Navin says, “There is an impertinent need to take care of the consumers, as well as our employees, who led us to deploy an ERM program, akin to a CRM for customers, to ignite inspiration and productivity in them”. With a journey earmarked by a struggle of Rs.1600/month in 1992, today Navin’s personal consulting is priced upwards of Rs.10,000/hour. However, this voyage of perseverance is far from over, as NYUZ is all set to now influence the western and northern Indian jewellery markets with its unique purposeful offerings through a focused team of jewellery professionals.