O'RIGHT : Bringing Transparency in Milk Supply Chain Through Technology

Utkarsh Kapoor & Ramee,Founder

Utkarsh Kapoor

CEO & Co- Founder

Digitization in the Dairy industry is evolving with numerous benefits it offers to the farmers and the end consumers. To mention some would be-reducing pilferage and loss of quality, check adulteration. Embedded systems and automated processes have not only helped the businesses to move to-wards digitization but also reduced the labor cost on a bigger perspective. IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their systems really work, delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations. O'RIGHT is a Technology company enabling Supply Chain Digitization, Big Data Analytics, Fintech and Provenance through IoT and Blockchain. The company was incorporated in March 2019, based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

The thought of O'RIGHT was seeded with a need to bring transparency in the milk supply chain and check adulteration which O'RIGHT counters with a cost-effective device to be used at the milk collection center. It leverages cutting edge technology such as IoT, ML, AI, Data Analytics and Blockchain to provide a seamless and a real time supply chain right from the farmer to the dairy to the end consumer providing better management of Dairy Operations and Fintech solutions for farmers. Other than solving the quality-related issues, it also provides real-time analytics to improve bottom line and increase top line revenue of the company.
"You Either Succeed Or You Learn"
O'RIGHT mantra for its employees is- `You either succeed or you learn'. It connects on a personal level and values the opinion of each member of the team. Being a fast-growing startup, performance is the key for growth in the company. The company is dynamic team of 20+ employees. The leadership team at O'RIGHT is aligned with the larger goal of improving the health of the nation and empowerment of farmers.

O'RIGHT encourages its team to develop their mindset as well as their skillset. The interns are provided on-job training and encouragement to take up courses available on the digital platform. The company encourages work-from-home for its employees and emphasises more towards their healthy lifestyle. A catch-up session on Saturday through zoom calls, covering the personal and professional front ensures a friendly environment within the company.

Ramee kachroo, Co- Founder & CTO

To Access Quality And Enhance Transparency In the Process
The agriculture sector is a large market and has a massive potential for leveraging opportunities. The Agri-tech sector has also seen a high level of investor engagement in the past few years. Milk production, processing, packaging and supply is a part of the agricultural domain. Using technology to assess quality and enhance transparency in the supply chain is a niche which O'RIGHT plans to dominate.

O'RIGHT is on a mission to create a social impact in rural India. It plans to rewrite the Dairy informatics network by making the entire supply chain connected enabling farmer level data to be beamed directly on the cloud along with other stakeholders within the supply chain. Use Data analytics to improve this new connected supply chain and ensure top & bottom-line benefits to the dairy & the farmer. It plans to make lives of farmers easier by providing access to financial and veterinary services to them. By the end of 2022 O'RIGHT plans to have 4 million farmers on-board.