Of Indian Origin: Positioning Made in India Crafts in the Global Market

Natasha Ca,Founder

Natasha Ca


As younger generations of artisans seek employment in other unskilled jobs, and in a bid to be a homogenous part of the global citizenry, India is slowly losing craft traditions that are age old and part of a heritage. Today, there are many examples of craft traditions that have dwindled to a single family practicing it and a few years from now when the next generation has no incentives to carry it forward, these will be lost to the world.

There are many reasons behind this including the traditional craft forms or designs being no longer relevant or appealing, there is little awareness of product standardization or quality requisites, the craft is driven by cost which is invariably detrimental to quality and more.

Thus to immediately preserve India’s very own craft traditions, Of Indian Origin is educating an audience segment that has the means to impact the craft and the community on a scale that will take it to the next level. ‘We believe that businesses should not be just about creating wealth for one organisation but collaborating with communities that impact and improve their lives substantially,’ says Natasha Acharya, Founder, Of Indian Origin.

Of Indian Origin registered as Cottage
Collective LLP works with a collective of artisan-based cottage industries, providing a platform that promotes hand-crafted products made in India to a global audience. It works with the aim to reclaim India’s extraordinary heritage by engaging with an audience that understands the history of authentic Indian art and crafts. The company is a social enterprise which not only has a commercially sustainable business model but also aims to create social impact at multiple levels.

The company addresses the challenges endemic to working in this industry and implements serious process intervention to make it into an organised supply chain business. It also endeavours to patronize not just the crafts but the artisan communities that struggle to keep them motivated and engaged. Of Indian Origin currently works with over 100 artisans and a plethora of craft traditions. With its online store, it showcases a mindfully curated or co-created product line that articulates cultural identity.

We believe that businesses should not be just about creating wealth for one organisation but collaborating with communities that impact and improve their lives substantially

‘Our vision is to create a model which will provide quality craft that is relevant, build artisan communities that are organised and professional, create an audience that will engage in long term and fuel volume transactions, thereby transforming the sector in a way that is scalable and sustainable,’ says Natasha Acharya, Founder, Of Indian Origin.

Empowering artisan communities with easy to use and intuitive technology that enables the remotest rural artisan to showcase his or her products online and thereby reach a global audience is a task that Of Indian Origin is working towards. Of Indian Origin has always been committed to ethical sourcing and paying the artisans fairly. It works with several organisations that engage people with disabilities including underprivileged women, tribal groups and produces craft that secures a source of livelihood for them. Promoting organic, eco-friendly products, and encouraging sustainable fashion is their prime focus. In the near future we want to use cutting edge technology and thereby leverage the global market and make it accessible to even the remotest artisan in the country.