Officebing: Offices for Everyone

The way people live and work in India is undergoing a paradigm shift - from a boring traditional office to a creative and conducive co-working office space. This collaborative and effective means of taking space is attractive to those firms wanting flexibility in modern workplace. Startups have been early adopters of co-working spaces, but the coming years will see corporates tapping into its potential as well. The professionally-managed workspace providers who have rolled out different workspace solutions are said to benefit businesses and entrepreneurs. One such distinct company in the co-working space is Officebing, experts in providing flexible and on-demand customizable offices that suit business needs. The company collaborates with space partners and provides technological expertise that compliments and meets the various business needs of the customers. “We are a young, determined and smart company who strive to achieve the best results for our customer,” says Utkarsh Sankhe, Co-founder, Officebing.

Officebing collaborates with space partners and provides technological expertise that compliments and meets the various business needs of the customers

The Idea behind the Inception
The idea that led to the foundation of Officebing has an interesting story behind it. Prior to this venture, Utkarsh and the rest of the team were operating a facility owned by one of their partners. The space was unused and the best way they zeroed down to was building a call centre and offer services. It started off in 2010. Things were going smooth and the clients were quite content with the serviced-office concept. After few years, witnessing the rise of co-working spaces and the scalability of their business model, they further decided to venture in the co-working space under the brand name of Officebing. With this, they delved deep to understand more about the market needs and trends. It was a time when the concept of co-working was intensifying although there were a few good players ruling the market even then.
Utkarsh Sankhe, Co-Founder

Utkarsh Sankhe


With all the necessary planning and knowhow’s, the team stepped into the market with the purpose of building co-working space chain across different cities and different locations. To give it a trial, they began aggregating different spaces available in the market especially those spaces enclosed ready-to use offices. Eventually they realized there was a gap between the client experience across location and co-working space where they have aggregated was not uniform. They worked on this and ensured uniformity between the two ends. Since then, there was no looking back.

The company now caters to a varied set of clients. “We first sit with our clients to understand their requirements. Once that is finalized, we provide them the best possibilities and facilities and also settle on the cost,” mentions Utkarsh. Till date, the company has around 6 co-working spaces in Navi Mumbai and is quite positive about expanding it within the next one year.

The Silver Lining
The Officebing website is designed to give the best fit office space to suit customers requirement. The intelligent algorithm looks for over 40+ parameters to provide relevant options. In addition, customers also can compare these options to arrive at best possible solution. “For us, technology plays a vital part and our web based application serves customers and space owners alike,” he asserts.

Officebing also offers Shared offices and Customized offices. "If there is an empty space in an existing office space, then we take that space and share it with the client who is in need of an office space in that particular location. In customized offices, we design the space for corporates which have employee strength between 40-500. Here we create the whole office as per their requirement and manage it."

In the coming times, the team is aiming to expand in Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The target that we have taken for ourselves is around 10,000 seats for the next 12-15 months. And we are very sure that we will reach the target because of the technological advancements we are doing in terms of building this app,” concludes Utkarsh.