Official Manufacturing World-class accessories that Suits every Occasion

An passionate entrepreneur, Vaibhav Mehta brought into existence a novel fashion startup named Official which is a fascinating platform that brings in high quality men's Accessories and Outdoor Gears to India, assuring its customers with materials that are exceptional outstanding and available at the best prices possible. In essence, the entire objective of the company is to facilitate its customers with the latitude of dressing up in the finest way under the most affordable cost. "I started my career by taking care of the digital marketing section of an edtech startup in my earlier profession. My forte lies in practicing organic marketing and what you call is the paid ads. It was during this phase that I came across few ads on Facebook about the print and nibandh t-shirts, where one can get customised t-shirts. When I saw this, the idea of doing something innovative using this leeway came in my mind. After spending some time in going over the matter with a fine tooth comb, I decided to set up Official and provide customers with premium and exclusive Accessories as well as outdoor Gears that suit every occasion," narrates Vaibhav Mehta, Founder & CEO, Official

The company puts forwards a collection of Ties, Belts, Wallets, Watches, Shades, Cufflinks, Socks, Shoes, Outdoor Gear. It puts up a special space for its customers where they can customize their products as per their proclivity. At the present day, the company is also getting orders from established firms to manufacture products with the brands names and symbols on it. As in its initial time, Official was involved in printing t-shirts of almost all the garment brands in India. To ensure that the business blooms in the right direction, the initiator always observed a D2C model for the marketing and advertising of the company's produced goods. This has empowered it to directly connect and sell the products to the targeted audience. The company's
endeavours gained momentum in the market at a gradual pace and soon began securing offers from the leading brands of the country. The revenue of the business has touched the crowning point of $500 crs in the last two years and also on boarded a huge client based simultaneously. "We are working with manufacture in Tirrupur and retailers in Mumbai. We were the first company in the country to offer a prepaid model of transaction, assuring complete privacy to our clients. We use the best material available in the market to keep our customers' expectation completely satisfied," he adds.

Vaibhav Mehta,Founder & CEO

To keep the website accessible and the entire process simple, the company maintains an uncomplicated process where the task placing the order, payment, shipment and delivery is done in the most straightforward manner.

Official Factory .com plans to become the sole merchandising partner for all sort of businesses in Indian and abroad

The Way Ahead
Founded in 2017, Official Factory .com plans to become the sole merchandising partner for all sort of businesses in Indian and abroad. It has every intention to merge the international and the Indian business where it intends to export and import valuable goods across the globe. Remaining true to its innovative approach, the company aims to become a wholesale company crafting new trendy T-shirts and other accessories.