Official Premium Men's Accessories and Outdoor Gear

Vaibhav Mehta,FounderChanging lifestyles, the comfort seeking middle class with high disposable income, and increasing urbanization has led to casualization of both men and women’s wardrobes in India.This has brought in a huge scope for product innovation within the casual wear and accessories segment.Interestingly, to leverage the opportunities to derive growth, some of the newer and more innovative firms have cropped up in this space with differentiated offerings, improvised quality, price point, service and customer engagement. With great potential is Bangalore-based Official that leads the game by serving customers dramatically better and enhancing their shopping experiences. The company brings in premium men's accessories and outdoor Gear to India. With super fine quality material, exceptional customer service and best prices, Official aims to dress users the best at the lowest prices.

Official is the brainchild of Vaibhav Mehta, an experienced digital marketer and leader with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Vaibhav kick started his career with an edtech start-up where he led the digital marketing team. With organic marketing as core, he observed the reception of paid advertisements. What further drew his attention were the advertisements on Facebook related to customized printed t- shirts. A thought of doing something innovative similar to customized accessories instantly clicked his mind and he began to understand the nuances of the business. After a thorough research, he zeroed in upon creating a platform that catered to the premium fashion desires of clients.
Under his headship, Official has evolved as a fascinating platform to present innovative accessories assuring its customers with materials that are exceptional outstanding and available at the best prices possible. In a nutshell, the company aims to facilitate its customers with the opportunity of reorienting their fashion sense in affordable cost.

A Premium range of Products
Understanding people’s adaptability of new clothing styles, Official Factory presents an exclusive collection ofTies, Belts, Wallets, Watches, Shades, Cufflinks, Socks, Shoes, and outdoor Gears through its platform. There is also a special feature of product customization furnished to the users which has further helped in bringing orders from established firms who intend to get their brand name and symbols imprinted on the clothes.

Sagrika Mehta Jain, COO

The easy to use platform ensures a seamless shopping experiences to the users. “We follow a D2C business model that empowers us to directly connect and sell the products to the targeted audiences. Our hard work is paying off; we are being recognized among the leading brands of the country,” mentions Vaibhav.

With super fine quality material, exceptional customer service and best prices, Official aims to dress users the best at the lowest prices.

A Bright Future Awaits
In a short span, Official Factory has carved a niche in the industry. It has recorded a growth spurt in its revenues, touching the crowning point of $500,000 in the last two years. It is currently working with manufacturers acrossTirrupur and retailers in Mumbai and has further plans to become the sole merchandising partner for all sort of businesses in India and abroad. The idea is to mergebusinesses within the country and across the globe to strengthen the export and import of valuable goods. Remaining true to its innovative approach, it envisions becoming a comprehensive platform for new trendy T-shirts and other fashionable accessories.