Oilcure: Leading the Masses Towards Healthier Lifestlyle

 Jagdish Jhanwar,   FounderHealth and well-being has never been put under the macro perspective ever since the pandemic. This has created a hype in the market to produce organic products, thus pertaining to the rise in demand of the health-conscious consumers. One such aspect is the edible oils that we use in our daily diet. The chemically processed oils are no more preferred by the conscious consumer and cold-pressed oils are sought as the better alternative. The coldpressed oils have been used by Ayurveda too to cure many perennial diseases since ages. Oilcure offers cold pressed oils that are not only used in cooking, but also for wellness and overall health. The products are available on leading e-Commerce platforms and online organic stores. The company also ships to offline organic stores and customers in the US, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the UK.

Extraction Processes Ensure Freshness Intact
The team at Oilcure includes dietitians, researchers, nutritionists working towards the same goal which is providing nutrient products without any chemicals, preservatives for a healthier lifestyle. The products of the company have gained much trust among the customers due to being 100 percent natural and vegetarian, assuring the highest quality of the ingredients.

The main USP of the oils obviously lies in the hygienic and quality assuring extraction process. Oilcure has advanced, sustainable cold pressed machines with ongoing research on oil extraction technology. The raw ingredients are sourced ethically ensuring the freshness intact by being extracted in batches and retaining the nutrient content. Even after the oils are extracted, the remaining is further used in manure by our farmers for farming and cultivation. So we are trying to use all the resources consciously”, says Jagdish Jhanwar, Founder, Oilcure, a certified Dietitian & Nutritionist.

The research team at Oilcure has found that many spices and nuts are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Oilcure is extracting oils from these seeds, spices and nuts with cold press technology. It has about 100 plus oils in the segment for various health benefits. From coconut oil to coriander seed oil which helps in thyroid conditions, pumpkin seed oil for hair and prostate, Kalonji (Black seed) oil, jeera(cumin) oil for gastric issues, the company has it all.

‘Amazon’s Choice’ for Most of The Times
Oilcure products can be classified into two categories: Oilcure, with about 100+ oils and Nxtgen Ayurveda, with 100+ products, which includes powders, herbs, edible seeds. The company is constantly trying to come up with new products for preventative measures for various ailments.

Oilcure products are loved by its loyal customers across the globe, making them ‘Amazon choice’ most of the time and are also recommended by India’s topmost dieticians, nutritionists like Luke Coutinho (Holistic lifestyle coach), Kavita Devgan (a Delhi based Nutritionist, Health Columnist, Speaker & Author, Don’t diet Ultimate Grandmother Hacks, and The Immunity Diet). “I am not a huge fan of synthetic supplements and prefer to go the natural route as much as possible. In today’s tough times, we all can do with a little extra help to keep our immunity up. That is why I trust and recommend some of the Oilcure cold pressed oils that I have been using for self, family, friends and my clients for past almost five years. Products like five nectar oil, kalonji oil and cumin seed oil are my absolute favourites”, says Kavita Devgan.

The market is currently blessed with unlimited opportunities and the future roadmap is to place a sturdy foot in the domestic market. “From research to production to delivery, we do not change our thoughts, feelings, work, determination, honesty, positivity, focus, and patience. We want you to lead a healthy life, which will make our generations healthy, wealthy and wise”, concludes Jagdish.