On Two Wheels: Hassle- Free and Affordable Motorcycles on Hire

Akshya Joshi ,Founder
Akshay Joshi,Founder

It is as they say that four wheels move a body but two move the soul. For a biker, nothing can be more important than exploring a destination on his/her vehicle. And coincidentally, India is a land of some amazing roadways and beautiful destinations which makes way for bike riders to explore their passion. Akshay Joshi explored his passion of riding for the last eight years on his Royal Enfield before he launched On Two Wheels, an online bike rental platform in December, 2015.

From Passion to Profession
Akshay, a management student from IHM, Mumbai who has a specialisation in kitchen and bakery, could not abide by it anymore, by the end of the 6th semester, owing to lack of interest. On the other hand, his passions
for riding gave him the constant reminder of breaking free and follow the way led by the heart. Finally, during his MBA, Akshay decided to convert his passion into a profession and zeroed in upon his dedication, motivation, and concentration on creating his own online bike rental platform. This marked the beginning of Akshay’s journey as an entrepreneur and he started On Two Wheels with just a KTM Duke and an Activa.

Back in 2015, On Two Wheels started out with only two motorcycles and now operates with a fleet of 10. It was only in August, 2016 after the company had started functioning, Akshay was able to add two more bikes to the list and finally launch the On Two Wheels website with a sum total of four motorcycles. “The year 2016-17 was a defining time for On Two Wheels. It was during this time when we put in a lot of effort to get the website operational and simultaneously handle the demands of the growing clientele. The clientele grew by numbers owing to the influx of foreign tourists during the time period of October and March,” mentions Akshay.

Inauguration of the Royal Enfield
service station in January, 2018 ensured the diversifying potential of On Two Wheels. This service station specialises in care and maintenance of Royal Enfields running across Bombay along with a detailing studio. The range of services for detailing starts from 50 and go all the way up to 6000 rupees.

“With a humble setting, we have achieved revenue of 6 lakhs in the first year of our business. Cheers to the young spirit of the team, full of wisdom and experience from the mentors that the revenue rose up three-fold in the third year,” he says.

The Road Ahead
The guided trip to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh in August, 2018 stands as the first step of the journey ahead for this online rental company. It was a guided motorcycle tour which started from Chandigarh with all the arrangements for the tourists being done by On Two Wheels. Going further, the company plans to execute five similar tours in 2019. “We are waiting to gain a little more stability on the service station and justify our presence in the start-up ecosystem of the country. Then we have a long way to go,” he concludes.