Ongrid: Architectural Pioneers Tailoring Interior Solutions & Crafting Unique Spaces

 Seema Sancheti & Abhishek Pramanick,   Co-FoundersThe interior design industry is witnessing dynamic trends, emphasizing personalized, sustainable, and technology-integrated solutions. Customers seek unique, functional designs aligned with their lifestyles. Innovations in 3D visualization tools, sustainable materials, and smart home techno-logies are reshaping the industry. However, customers often face challenges like uncertainty in achieving their desired design, lack of personalized guidance, and keeping up with evolving trends. Based out of Pune, Ongrid is a design-centric firm pioneering and reshaping the interior design landscape. Specializing in comprehensive architectural and interior design services, the firm leverages digital tools to offer personalized, immersive, and trend-sensitive solutions to clients across India.

Ongrid was conceived in response to the challenges faced by Co-Founders Abhishek Pramanick and Seema Sancheti, architects with a decade of experience amidst the societal disruptions of 2019. Determined to revolutionize the architectural industry, they envisioned a digital-only platform making quality architecture solutions as accessible as online shopping. Since its inception, the firm has strived to usher in a new era of digital dependence in India, offering easy access to design knowledge and flexibility. Facing initial hurdles common to startups, such as proving viability and building a customer base, the company prioritized engaging with a passionate team and pioneering customers. This grassroots approach enabled gradual growth, shaping
the company's organic expansion and community building ethos. "By offering immersive experiences and quick deliverables, the company has elevated industry standards, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the digital architecture landscape", says Abhishek Pramanick, Co-Founder.

Innovative Design Partners

Operating with COA, India registered Architects and is a Green member of the IGBC, India, Ongrid offers comprehensive architectural and interior design services, specializing in residential development. From conceptualization to blueprint, the company creates bespoke designs tailored to homeowners' preferences and plot requirements. Additionally, the company provides interior design solutions, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of apartments and villas. Focusing on customer satisfaction, the firm leverages digital tools such as personalized messaging dashboards and immersive 3D/2D visuals to streamline communication and project visualization. Despite being a young player in the market, the company positions itself as a premium online home design service provider, emphasizing personalized solutions and a collaborative engagement process with clients.

Ongrid stands out in the interior design industry through its commitment to customer-centricity, innovation, and transparency. The firm was the winner of Archdias 2019 International design competition with hon'ble mentions for their design idea. The company prioritizes consistency and reliability, ensuring clients have confidence in its solutions. By staying abreast of trends and investing in research, the company delivers innovative designs that resonate with evolving customer preferences. Moreover, the firm's design-centric approach emphasizes educating clients through a vast content library and providing comprehensive blueprints for projects, leaving no room for ambiguity. The firm values customer feedback as invaluable insights for continuous improvement, fostering a collaborative partnership with clients. With a selective approach to projects and a focus on customer satisfaction, the company is now a trusted and innovative player in the competitive interior design landscape. Through innovative strategies focusing on time efficiency and visualization accuracy, Ongrid has differentiated itself in the market.

Till date, Ongrid has serviced 150+ homeowners in 2023 from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Its future roadmap entails a strategic expansion into design centric ventures, mainly targeting innovative properties like farmhouses and Air bnb homes. By redefining residential architecture, the company aims to create spaces that offer unique experiences while aligning with modern living preferences. Emphasizing sustainability, technology integration, and bespoke aesthetics, the company seeks to push the boundaries of traditional design, ensuring that its properties are visually captivating, highly functional, and in tune with future living trends.