Online Islamic Tuition (OIT): Helping Students Connect With Their Islamic Heritage

Faizan Ahmad Hashmi & S Faisal Hasan,Co-Founder & MentorsOnline education & distance learning may not be a new phenomenon but they have most certainly evolved and taken to new heights in the past couple of years. The world saw how different streams of learning can be accessed online successfully.

Online Islamic Tuition began within the same period with a vision to provide Islamic education to eager learners right from their homes. We aim to teach traditional teachings of Islam by incorporating the latest techniques, interactive ways, and sincere intentions. The students of this day and age are smart and ahead of their time.

Pradeep Borado, Co-Founder & CTO

Therefore, traditional teaching methods do not do justice to their caliber. Hence, OIT focuses on conceptualized learning that engages the students in a 30 minute one-on-one session. OIT is a part of our company Easy Islamic Group (EIG) which aims to bring other Islamic branches to the forefront in the corporate world like Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Entertainment, Tourism, Textile, and much more. In sha Allah.
OIT is the brainchild of S Faisal Hasan & Faizan Ahmad Hashmi. Both of them bring years of experience in the field of contemporary Business Management and the Technology industry to their passion for developing sustainable Islamic business models. Pradeep Borado is the tech-brain behind the startup and is currently working on creating a dedicated app for students' learning. They work tirelessly with a team of dedicated individuals from across the globe to make interactive Islamic education accessible to a wide range of students, globally. It is with such sincere intentions and unwavering faith that OIT has seen tremendous growth in a very short time (By the grace of Almighty).

Online Islamic Tuition is The perfect amalgamation Of traditional Islamic Teachings, and stateof- The-art, and latest Research-backed teaching Methods

Currently, we cater to 83 students with more than 16 professionals across various countries. Few special features of OIT classes are- Online Islamic Tuition is the perfect amalgamation of traditional Islamic teachings, and state-ofthe- art, and latest research-backed teaching methods. OIT is a unique platform where students of all ages can enroll to learn directly from a well-qualified teacher. OIT has a very holistic syllabus.

S. Faisal Hasan, Co-Founder & CEO

The course curriculum is divided into 10 levels. This categorization helps cater to various age groups of learners. Each level has a mix of Quran, Tajweed, Seerah, Daily duas, and Hadith in varied proportions to support the level of the child. There are also regular exams and a monthly performance report is shared with parents.

This gives an idea on how students are progressing their strengths and weak areas. This all together helps in holistic learning. OIT's vision is to produce brilliant students who can serve society while being in touch with the roots of their faith and being conscious of their responsibility to society and accountability to a Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'aala.