Online PSB Loan: An Innovative Financial Platform

Money is the heartbeat of every organization. Big or small, enterprises need capital to survive. Businesses rooted in large cities roisters financial supports as they have straight through reach with the well established banks. However, firms based in small town and cities do not have kosher access with such financial institutions, for which the intention of expanding their commercial becomes as difficult as moving heaven and earth. Fortunately, many aspirants stepped forward to perfect the situations in the little burgs and develop them into cogent boroughs that facilitate the growth of all small and medium establishments. Ronak Shah had a parallel intention. He established Online PSB Loan a new age online fund raising platform that has metamorphosed money lending experience for Fund Seekers. It provides MSMEs and SMEs. It brings them in close proximity with weighty lenders, enabling them to draw retail and corporate loans or funds in a much easier and simpler series of steps.

The Onset
Ronak has been dealing with small and medium enterprises for years. In this course, he observed the gap between bank and the MSME. Communicating with the authorities was not easy. One had to seek for liaisons to get their words set forth to the upper hand that could leverage the fund. But Ronak unfolded a different prospective and resolute to mitigate this breach by providing smart, interactive, simple and innovative end to end financial solutions that validates a healthy financial structure, making the act of fund raising quite plain sailing and within reach. "I understood how important fund can be for any organization. But the scenario of borrowing money from banks involved huge proceedings.This not only kept the entrepreneur enervated but also kept them aloof from their objectives. So I proposed to take measure to solve this issue and ventured out as fundraising platform," utters Ronak Shah, Founder, Online PSB Loan.
 Ronak Shah, Co-Founder & COO

Online PSB Loan is a single window to all financial requirements. It endorses an Automated Digital Platform, Simplified Lending Process, Ease of Understanding and Application, Realtime Data Auto updation, Intelligent Interactive System, and other such facilities. Through these, the company assures its customers of a much rational lending process which is transparent, digitally backed, quick and hassle free with minimum documentation. Basically, it intends to bring fund seekers to the appropriate fund lenders using state of the art technologies which ultimately save time, money and energy disbursed to derive resources.

Online PSB Loan is a single window to all financial requirements

For constructing services of the finest quality, a team of business and finance analytics are put into work. They have analysed banking and investment processes of various markets and sketched out schemes that can settle down complexities."At present, we have a strong hold in the industry. We have extended ourselves to the level of integrating multiple databases into a single platform including GST, income tax returns, MCA, bank statement and others. We have maintained privacy and authenticity to prevent any kind of problem," states he. The company has on boarded major banking companies like SBI, Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank, SBI Card, Vijaya Bank and others.

In the days to come, Online PSB Loan intends to spread awareness about this system of procuring loans or raising funds for ones business. It has set its plan to set forth new retail products, on board leading partners in the industry, and evolve as a leader in the ecosystem.