Onnivation: Delivering Innovation for Partners and Customers

Saket Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Saket Agarwal

Founder & CEO

The Indian SaaS space has been growing rapidly, with a projected ~30% CAGR over 2020–25. Investment in Indian SaaS rose to $4.5B in 2021, an increase of 170% from 2020. India now has 13 SaaS unicorns and between 7 and 9 companies with $100M+ ARR. Mumbai-based Onnivation is an example of one company that has leveraged this growth, both as an investor and as a SaaS Consultant. The firm helps the world’s influential corporations solve big problems and unlock new opportunities.

“We’re a global SaaS consultant helping our clients strengthen their tech stack with plug and play solutions. We partner with our clients to continuously evolve their tech, to enable an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals”, says Saket Agarwal, Founder & CEO at Onnivation.

The foundation journey of Onnivation began after Saket finished his education. He started building and running 2 startups including ‘Aao Pao Khao’, a Vada Pav chain based out of Calcutta. It could not break the glass
ceilings though. He then went on a personal backpacking trip to Israel, the leading nation in terms of start-ups and technology.

Once Saket came back, he brought with him the technological know-how required to build a startup in India. He partnered with Spotinst (now Spot by NetApp) to launch and expand to the Indian market. At that point, Spot helped companies reduce their cloud bills by 60 to 80 percent and “as a Chartered Accountant, I knew that even if I didn’t understand technology back then, I understood cost saving, and every founder and CFO in India would,” says Saket. Soon after, began the idea of Onnivation. “We went to conferences, events, forums, and networked extensively to develop the market for Spot. Further we added more products to our portfolio.

Today, 100+ leading companies and 5000+ engineers work alongside the team at Onnivation for key business functions like Cloud Optimization, Quality Assurance, Testing, Performance Monitoring, Logging, Cyber Security, Video Engagement, Data Science, Analytics, Gamification, User Acquisition, Retention and more. Onnivation focuses on Innovation, even the company’s name is a play on the word itself.

Onnivation is uniquely placed between Partners and Customers. “For our Partners we are an extension of their Sales team in Asia and a value-added distributor,” says Saket. Some of the company’s largest customers today are Sony, Zee5, Big Basket, Haptik, Jupiter Money, Boat, Grofers, Chingari, Kotak Securities, Dream 11, Flipkart, Byju’s, Pharmeasy and more.

Onnivation focuses on Innovation, even the Company’s name is a Play on the word itself

Saket has been investing in Israeli as well as Indian startups. He has made more than 35 investments, together with CEOs and CTOs of the most influential companies in the digital and tech ecosystem today. Agarwal plans to add more strategic investments to his portfolio from bothcountries. He plans to set up an India-Israel-specific fund, with 'a group of elite individuals in India, who would invest plus add a lot of value for scaling them.