Onometra Technologies: Smart Enterprise Computing

Kaushik Bhaduri, Dr Nilanjan Banerjee & Suman Das,Co-FoundersThe last decade in the world of IT has been primarily about innovation and development in the consumer space. Disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledgers have fuelled numerous innovative applications transforming consumer behaviour and expectations forever. However, the same cannot be said for the enterprise space, which is still largely dominated by legacy technologies and practices. Enterprises are now facing expectation to evolve from both within and without the organization, the biggest challenge being how to protect technology investments while ensuring sustained relevance. This issue mandates a revolution in enterprise information systems emphasized by embracing technologies that have already transformed the consumer space. It is with this vision the founders launched Onometra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The goal so far has been to digitally transform enterprises with custom-built solutions based on a flexible, modular architectural framework of a proprietary application integration and automation platform.

Initially, the company started out with solving problems in supply chain management systems, as it is one of the most critical systems of big businesses. Gradually, it managed to build high-value additions to the basic platform, such as implementing global track and trace solution using Industrial IoT and Blockchain based Provenance Detection capabilities as the underlying distributed data layers. “As our core development teams settled, practices and technology stack matured, we are in the process of transitioning our proprietary technologies to cover healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Our platform enables rapid development and deployment of efficient and emergent supply chain management solutions, loaded with Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and mobility support with consumer-facing technologies that help businesses gain operational efficiency while maximizing revenue,” says Kaushik Bhaduri, Co-Founder.

The company understands that there is a pressing need for migration and integration of the legacy systems with new technologies and solutions. With a proprietary application integration and automation platform, it is transforming enterprises digitally with cutting-edge open source technologies, latest software engineering practices and deep domain knowledge in healthcare and supply chain management. Built on solid software design fundamentals, the platform enables rapid development and deployment of secure, cloud-enabled solutions with business IP transfer and solution lifecycle management supported through a series of proprietary technologies. “Our proprietary application integration and automation platform enables rapid creation and delivery of hybrid solutions, where domain-specific business rules and existing operational processes of clients are leveraged, augmented and accelerated by our proprietary connectors and innovative robotic process automation (RPA) modules that are assembled using cutting-edge tool¬chains and CI/CD delivery mechanisms. We have a team of full-stack engineers, domain experts and enterprise solution architects, who are well versed with rapid prototyping and deployment principles, enabling us to deliver a high ROI, rapidly deployed, unified IT frameworks. For large complicated projects, we take a deep consulting approach,” says Nilanjan Banerjee, CTO. “We not only provide completely custom solutions aligned with the business requirements but also focus on making our micro-services-based solutions completely modular and easily extensible that allows change/extension of modules rapidly with changing business needs. We also offer our platform as a low-code platform to clients with in-house IT teams for their power-user business teams to independently write/change modules using an integrated visual workflow development studio and manage the solution lifecycle on their own,” he adds.

Assisting Enterprises in their Digital Transformation
Onometra’s proprietary platform-based solutions are empowering customers to own and manage the lifecycle of dynamic, evolving software with minimal effort so that they can always be on the top of their game. The rich library of application components, robotic and intelligent process automation plug-ins enables the rapid development and deployment of innovative and intelligent software solutions. The team has designed, developed and delivered an end-to-end solution for one of the largest digital consumer healthcare services company with its proprietary platform in record time with maximum features, including several smart features like wearable integration for remote health management. “We have designed and developed a farm-to-fork global supply chain for an organic company in South East Asia which helped them to open up new territories like the EU. At the heart of the solution is our innovative distributed ledger based Data Layer of our proprietary platform that ensures
the integrity and distributed trust in the global supply chain,” Kaushik asserts.

To meet its preset objectives, it strives to build and retain a core team of enterprise development resources and build dependable delivery practices around it. This team works with domestic and foreign clients on well-formulated projects, and the revenue earned is channelized into enhancing the core proprietary platform and tool set. The team has significantly invested resources in research and development activities with emerging technologies to bring the innovative edge to our platform. “With such a composite approach we plan to build a comprehensive portfolio of our proprietary enterprise-grade-software platform empowering a wide range of digital transformation solutions catering to a geographically diverse client base,” Suman Das, the COO mentions.

The Journey
Founded in mid-2018 with three co-founders and 3 engineers, Onometra followed the traditional bootstrapping model and started executing on a few domestic and offshore projects. The company, at present, houses a team of 25 and has already delivered four projects and has three ongoing projects and four others in the pipeline. Besides, it has managed to forge an intelligence partnership in Japan and is in the process of setting up another strategic partnership in South East Asia. The company is also continually exploring academic partnerships with premier institutes in India for research and development. “We are based out of Sector 5 Salt Lake (the IT hub of Eastern India) and we are in the process of opening business/delivery centres in Bangalore and Singapore shortly,” he further adds.

Onometra’s proprietary platform-based solutions are empowering customers to own and manage the lifecycle of dynamic, evolving software with minimal effort

The team has devised goals for the upcoming times. They aim to have a wider business presence spanning across multiple geographies, especially in South East Asia, build a comprehensive IP portfolio around the proprietary enterprise application integration and automation platform with inputs from the research and development team, and increase the team size significantly to cater to a larger clientele. Onometra is on a mission to reinvent enterprise information systems using consumer-driven philosophy and proprietary solution development and deployment platform. It has become a go-to enterprise solution provider after helping a number of enterprises to transform digitally and stay relevant in a very dynamic and challenging market. “The idea for us is not to just use technology to solve business problems but to leverage technology and scientific knowledge in a deeper meaningful way to serve clients’ interests and secure their IT investments. We strive to be lean, agile, state of the art and broadly competent in the business/technology realm, and remain fair, democratic, and knowledge-driven in our overall approach of running our organization,” Kaushik concludes.

Kaushik Bhaduri
With a bachelor's in physics and master's in computer engineering, Kaushik Bhaduri worked for Microsoft Corporation for 18+ years. He mainly developed system-level components and architected a Windows-based engineering solution for the Aadhaar eco-system, working directly with UIDAI. He was also the APAC technology strategist for 7 years for Microsoft in the OEM vertical, before exiting and co-founding 2 technology start-ups. His primary responsibilities are strategic planning and forging research/ intelligence collaborations.

Dr Nilanjan Banerjee
After receiving his doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Texas, Arlington, Dr Nilanjan Banerjee, worked for Motorola Labs and IBM Research, for 15+ years, as a Senior Research Scientist. Nilanjan has published more than 90 research papers and has 19 filed or granted patents to his credit. A co-founder/CTO at Onometra, Nilanjan is responsible for the technology vision behind Onometra and leading innovation in AI and distributed computing.

Suman Das
Armed with a Bachelor's in Computer Application and MBA, Suman Das brings 12+ years of operational experience in leading system integration, operational architecture design and supply chain operations. Suman has led several high value digital transformation projects in government and private sectors. As a co-founder/COO of Onometra, he brings in a mix of technical and business skills, and leads operational planning/control, strategic planning/ management and acts as the head of technical delivery.

Interesting Facts About Onometra
• Started literally in Nilanjan’s garage in March 2018, now Onometra has a large office in Infinity Benchmark building in the heart of Sector 5, Salt Lake, the technology hub of Kolkata. Our journey began with 3 founders and 3 developers, Onometra core team now has climbed up to 20 development resources and several regular consultants.

• All 3 founders and most team members are sports fans, so Onometra team sometime goes for watching local soccer games as team building exercise, not to mention having little carrom championships in office after working hours. We are also foodies and partiers, so potlucks, outdoor picnics and activities are a periodic feature to enhance team bonding.

• Onometra has a common digital library and forum, where not only resources related to hardcore technology are stored, but books and periodicals on topics like, technology and society, digital ethics and philosophy of science are also collected. We actively encourage our employees to develop a holistic awareness about the technology landscape and be aware of our roles and responsibilities as harbingers of change.

• Onometra started as a bootstrapped company in April 2018, inceptions of which were outdoors, mostly out of reflections on responsible use of technology among 3 friends at the South Kolkata Lakes. Today, we have proprietary solutions in key industrial sectors, several international clients and technology collaborations in 3 countries

• Amongst us we have, guitar playing songwriters, cynophiles, hardened soccer buffs, magicians and mentalists, expert cupcake makers, long distance overland travellers, amateur poet and painters, dedicated photographers, applied-science tinkerers, counterstrike addicts, avid trekkers, argumentative socialists, meditative nihilists - in a word, it is a veritable zoo.

By choice we celebrate the vibrancy in pluralism!