Onward Business Consulting & Training: Helping Businesses With Gap Analysis & Strategic Inputs

 Banarji Bhaskaran,    CEOThe global economy continues its post-pandemic recovery and this has set an onset of emerging consultant firms to clamp on the recent opportunities. Especially, due to the ever growing number of startups during and after the pandemic has set some serious goals for the consultancy industry to target as it places them in the primary position for the uphill growth of these startups. The SMEs have started exploring this industry too and the standard cliche that involved trust issues has witnessed a downfall, thus ensuring some dependability on the consultancy firms.

Established in 2021 and based in Trivandrum, Kerela, Onward Business Consulting & Training helps organizations activate their people to achieve incredible results at unprecedented speed. "If you are looking to transform your organization with a hands-on thought partner, who assists you in defining, designing, and delivering results, then the answer is Onward. The experienced management consultants work flexibly to deliver results, whether they are advisory or end-to-end execution. At Onward, we collaborate with the customer, understand their holistic requirements, provide the strategic path and guide them to reach their objective", says Banarji Bhaskaran, a business strategist corporate trainer and psychologist, with more than two decades of international corporate experience.

The USP for Onward is that unlike the other contemporaries in the market, which solely target analysis and report delivery, Onward focuses on critical analysis and execution
strategies that can help businesses achieve growth. The company works closely with its clients and its employees to ensure strategy formulation and execution that turns out in the business outcome.

Cheetah Clique­ A Braining Session
Onward helps identify the core competencies of an organization during the consultancy period and put extra effort to refine and develop it further to make it relevant in the long run. It also helps achieve better results in terms of marketing and profits. It analyzes and designs the workflows and business processes within the organization. Onward evaluates and develops an organization's strategic policy by using different consultancy tools such as Porter's Five Forces, Balance Scorecard, GE McKinsey Matrix, and so on. Onward helps improve the competitive position of the firm, taking account of challenges and opportunities in the market.

Our vision is to follow excellence in what we do & become the first choice for customers & talents

Onward works on project-based requirements where the length of a certain project is determined by the size of the business. Formulation and continuation evaluation, analysis, and implementation of strategies is the key here. The company also offers free business health check services to the clients, before offering the solutions and their implementation. The process doesn't simply stop at the successful implementation of the strategy. Onward also invests in post analysis that compares the performance of the strategies and their efficacy.

Onward runs a flagship program - "Cheetah Clique", designed for an entrepreneur which is not a training session, but rather a braining session! This one-day workshop reveals the customer definition of quality for a client's business, the punctuality impact, the client's thoughts that decide destiny, and many more.

Targeting More Awareness At Regional Level
Onward also deals on the training front where it trains personnel to be consultants. It plans to have some tie-ups with management institutes for extending its training services. The current plans are to expand to the regional level and later move the operations to the Middle East.

"With Government initiating business opportunities there is plenty of scope in the industry as all SMEs will need to set up businesses and processes at a point of time and target expansion. We need to make them more aware of the help that is available if they sought out it. It's only through mutual trust that we can collectively collaborate and grow", concludes Banarji.