ORAI-Robotics: Intuitively Opening Doors to Deeper Customer Engagements

Sujit Das Biswas & Swapnil Jain ,Co-FoundersIn a short time, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected markets and customers' behavior and has a substantial impact on economies and societies. With offices, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities shutting down for an indefinite period and work-from-home and social distancing policies in effect, businesses are increasingly looking for technologies to assist them through these difficult times.

Conversational AI applications empower long-running associations with clients through content or voice utilizing the most interactive interface available: normal language. The Global Conversational AI market accounted for $3.81 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $18.37 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 21.7% during the forecast period. Rise in customer engagement through social media platforms, and increasing adoption of AI solutions in customer service applications are the major factors propelling the market growth.

ORAI, established in 2020, is an award-winning AI-powered Modern Business Conversational AI Plat-form to build one-to-one instant conversations with customers over text, voice, and messenger apps. The company was Co-founded by Swapnil Jain and Sujit Das Biswas, both having Technopreneuer, Project Management, and Enterprise Application Development background with experience of working with global clients. Swapnil and Sujit saw a huge gap in the market wherein customers were not getting the experience they deserved. There were multiple problems like immense waiting time, delay in problem-solving, call transfer to multiple agents, and many more.

According to them, though chatbots have
been around for a while, generic chatbots have their limitations such as not knowing the answer to a specific query, lack of omnichannel capabilities, and more. Therefore, the founders came up with an AI-driven platform that can be implemented across multiple channels that provides instant support, has omnichannel & multilingual capabilities, and more which would make the process of customer engagement smoother and better.

ORAI-Robotics engages customers and offers actionable insights to businesses to create more personalized richer experiences day and night. It creates the most sophisticated yet easy communication channel between businesses and customers, on multiple plat-forms with 100+ languages and round-the-clock avail-ability. ORAI uses Conversational AI and empowers its clients to engage and satisfy the needs of the customer in the best possible way. Currently, the firm is catering to various industrial Verticals which include Automobile, Education, E-commerce & Retail, Real-Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, to name a few.

Build your AI like you desired through Us. For instant conversations with customers over text, Voice and Messenger apps

The Platform is inbuilt with multiple capabilities like Lead Qualification, 3 Way Communication, WhatsApp Drip Campaign, Omnichannel Integration, Integrated WhatsApp Business API, Seamless CRM, ERP, & Database Integrations, and many more. These features help the clients in increasing their conversion rate, reducing the operation cost, providing a seamless customer experience, and improving the efficiency of the employees as they can focus on their core work and take over whenever required. Moreover, ORAI is creating a lasting impact on the client by helping them in enhancing the overall sales performance and achieve 4X better performance from their digital investments. Increasing use cases are getting identified with each next customer and ORAI's ability to offer customization is bringing a huge difference in the Conversational AI space.

ORAI-Robotics has enjoyed early traction since its inception, currently; the firm has 50+ paying clients from South East Asia which is expected to grow 6 fold in the FY 21-22. Also, the firm was recently funded by Inflection Point Ventures for INR 3.6 Crores in the Pre-Series A round. Further, it is revenue-generating and expanding its client base, product portfolio, and geographies through channel partnerships and direct effort. As the firm sets to grow its client base exponentially, it focuses on building its teams and market presence in various geographies.

The ORAI platform is global in its scope and offers a wide canvas to be captured with the opportunity to cover a good number of industry verticals and a variety of use cases. The product team is busy innovating new path-breaking features and integrations to help clients harness the true potential of Conversational AI. The firm is looking forward to launching a few ambitious initiatives in newer features that will disrupt the Conversational AI landscape globally.