Separator Premier Educational Marketplace

(L-R) Vishal Khutel & Sindu Aven, Co-Founders,Pradeep Pillai, CEO & Co-Founder

(L-R) Vishal Khutel & Sindu Aven, Co-Founders

Pradeep Pillai, CEO & Co-Founder

A quest to bring reform the educational purchase market by building a ubiquitous platform that brings the world of educational products and services to schools & colleges is what led to the foundation of The immensely diverse educational purchase market is so unorganized and fragmented that the opportunity is literally asking to be taken advantage of’ consultative approach in guiding and enabling the customer to make a much more informed choice is what keeps bringing them back. With an impressive repeat purchase rate, the company keeps looking for ways to help each institution a step closer to excellence.

A close-knit team of Education Management professionals who have spent cumulatively over 80 years in the education space from running Asia’s Largest Preschool Chain to developing high-impact educational content across age-groups, is what powers “As institutional operators, we
ourselves experienced consistent problems in finding desired quality of relevant products and services, especially more while setting up schools & preschools. The desire to remove hurdles of access, information and standardized quality measures gave us the idea for setting up a one-stop solution for all institutional needs that guides the schools in choosing the right solutions and resources that fulfills their needs and ambitions. We enable institutions in discovering, evaluating and buying of various products and services that an institution would use for, sports infrastructure & equipment, curricular solutions and teacher training to products that a learner might need for e.g. shoes, bags, books etc.” speaks Pradeep Pillai, CEO &Co-founder.

"At present, has over 1,00,000 products and services in its offerings from over 100 categories across the learner age spectrum – from birth to college"

Being in the 'Oxford of East'- Pune, at the start launched its services primarily in West and South of India and currently is looking at increasing its geographical footprint as well as offerings. "Having helped over 1200+ educational institutions in their purchases the journey has been both exciting and challenging at times," smiles Pradeep.

Spending three years building the foundation and a launch-pad for aggressive growth, the company has clocked 100 percent growth YoY and credits its success to the team’s perseverance and their passion in building a platform that
will redefine the way this industry works.

At present, has over 100,000 products and services in its offerings from over 100 categories across the learner age spectrum – from birth to college. Other than the regular educational institutes, the team also helped clients in the form of hospitals, hotels, corporate, re-sellers for their similar needs. “We have built multiple sports and play focused infrastructures in non-conventional segments such as real estate projects, malls, hotels, and others.”

As a completely bootstrapped setup, plans to scale up rapidly in the next three years to grow the market across India and also to develop tools and content for educational institutes that would enable them to improve their efficiencies and therefore allowing them to spend more time on their true mission – creating excellent students. Amongst other online & offline initiatives, the company now plans to start offering a range of product based solutions that institutions can find based on what stage they are in – while setting up, while growing or while pursuing excellence!

“We are here to stay. We have won over the pre- & post-natal issues of a start-up. Now the objective is to scale up and mature into a highly profitable organization offering path-breaking solutions that will alter the face of the Indian Education System(IES). We believe our experience and ability applied to this great opportunity will always keep us close to our customers and meaningful to our partners,” concludes Pradeep.