Orchid Advertising: Dedicated to Providing Cost Effective and Result Oriented Advertising and Marketing Solution

Amol Machhi, Co-Founder & CEO,Jinal Maru, Co-Founder

Amol Machhi, Co-Founder & CEO

Jinal Maru, Co-Founder

India's marketing and advertising industry has experienced an immense transformation over the past decade. In the past decade everyone has understood that to stay in market and have your name buzz for the consumers, advertising is one of the most lethal tool. Even the smallest businesses today have started heavily investing on their advertising spends. Leveraging this growth is Mumbai-based Orchid Advertising, a firm that provides innovative and customised solutions that help brands reach their audience. “Our advertising services are very cost effective. Our solutions can be afforded by small business owners also to target specific locations,” says Amol Machhi, Co-Founder Orchid Advertising.

Set up with the mission to generate demand for its clients products and services, Orchid is known for making advertising creative, memorable, inviting to look at and fun to read. “Our company provides full scale marketing and advertising services. We do not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief for the product or service of our client,” says Jinal Maru, Co-Founder, Orchid Advertising. The company gives its clients suggestions on the most effective platforms to advertise as per their business objective and manages them ALL with a single fee.

The Inception Story
Orchid Advertising developed its roots when the founders of the company, Jinal and Amol realised that most advertising firms and services centred only around the big brands. “We wanted to help the Startups & small business owners, as everyone starts from a small business, no company is big from the start,” adds Jinal. Orchid Advertising today works at the ground level, focusing on rural India with advertising services such as Auto Rickshaw Branding, Metal No Parking Board Advertising, Tricycle Branding and more.

Orchid Advertising’s services are unique as it offers the solution for all locations at One place. The company understands customers need, budget and based on it, provides the most effective service which will benefit its client’s business. “Also in case of any issues we have a team to get it solved at the earliest and give our customers the best experience working with us,” adds Amol.

Jinal Maru, Co-Founder
Stepping Into the Future
Over the years, Orchid Advertising has worked with companies from varied industries including FMCG, Food & Restaurants, Retails Chains, Online Food Delivery apps, Online Taxi Service, Super marts, Online Medicine Delivery, Pumps & Pipes, Builder Clients, Coaching Classes, and more. The company has successfully onboarded new clients every year.

Orchid advertising is dedicated to provide cost effective and result oriented advertising and marketing solutions. It is committed to be responsible and logical towards the needs of its clients. The team at Orchid Advertising endeavours to develop strategies enthusiastically and cost-effectively and always attempt to deliver promptly. “The recommendations made to clients are the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies, without regard to our interests,” adds Jinal. The company plans to double its revenue by next year, open new branch office, start digital services and aims to be the finest service provider, helping clients execute successful advertising campaigns.