Orphicy: Leading-edge Learning Platform for Prosperous Career

Vipul Tyagi, CEO, Ujjwal Nagar, CMO,Mukesh Pareek, COO, Arpit Mehta, Sales & CRM

Vipul Tyagi, CEO, Ujjwal Nagar, CMO

Mukesh Pareek, COO, Arpit Mehta, Sales & CRM

Orphicy (Orphic Learning Private Limited) is an Ahmedabad based Education Startup in the K-12 segment led by seasoned academicians. Vipul Tyagi, CEO of Orphicy describes Orphicy as a, “Highly engaging education company rendering online live lectures to students in Grades 5-10. The firm prides itself on taking a holistic approach to education, emphasizing on both academics and extracurricular activities” The four core members viz Ujjwal Nagar(CMO), Vipul Tyagi(CEO), Mukesh Pareek(COO), and Arpit Mehta (Sales &CRM) have a cumulative academic experience of more than 50 years in training students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

After having helped thousands of students in realising their ‘IIM dreams’ the team yearned for the opportunity to interact with students in their formative years and to add greater value to their lives. They recognized that interacting with children at a young age would more likely result in a meaningful personality and outlook change. Ujjwal Nagar adds “Edtech not only allows us to reach out to more distant and rural towns, but it also provides us with analytics that cannot be replicated in a physical format”.

The firm believes that the process of education involves two steps the first is the basic step of knowledge transfer, which
traditionally takes up all the time and energy of a teacher. The other crucial aspect, which is often over looked, is the conceptualization of ideas and dialogue with students. Orphicy solves this problem with its Flipped Learning Pedagogy which divides the entire learning process into PRE-CLASS, IN-CLASS, and POST CLASS deliverables. The pre class section has short animated videos to make a student ready for the Live lecture. The in class lectures involve scientific experiments and active discussions. The Post Class sessions are enriched with Computer Adaptive Testing and Gamification.

The Company differentiates itself with a ‘360-degree’ balanced curriculum with the appropriate focus on their immediate school curriculum and the much needed focus on equipping them with concepts and skills for tomorrow.

It celebrates each month with theme based competitions and there are regular soft skills sessions as a part of the curriculum.

“We can say this with great joy that an Orphician would stand apart from his peers not only in terms of his academics but also in his communication and presentation skills,” signifies Arpit Mehta.

The Flagship Course ‘Orphicy Live’ covers the school curriculum with daily live lectures over the app/web portal and these sessions are highly engaging with live quizzes and leader boards.

Further, the ‘Orphicy Aspire’ Programme is aimed specifically at students preparing for NTSE, Olympiads, and JEE-NEET foundation.

What the firm has witnessed thus far has been nothing short of astounding. Despite launching its first paid batch in the second half of the year 2021, the firm has been able to acquire paid students for its fully ear program. The promising concept and operational excellence displayed by the team at Orphicy, have led to them successfully obtaining their first round of funding of 2.5 Crores INR.

“As a boot strapped company incorporated in October 2020, it makes us glad that we have been able to raise funds at a valuation of Rs. 25 Crores,” explained Mukesh Pareek. The 1st round saw participation from NRI tech enthusiasts working in leadership positions at Facebook, Google, and McKinsey etc. Reputed education company, IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd. also bought a 1 percent stake in the company. The funds would be utilised for product enhancements and team building. The company is expanding its team and will be hiring middle to senior level talent to deliver on its vision.