Outhum Media: Futuristic & Affordable Digital Outdoor Advertising at a Click

Shashank,Founder & Director


Founder & Director

The ad space has matured over the years with a more sophisticated approach towards advertising and technology. It has evolved in order to reduce the overall complexity of advertising procedures to promote brands. The huge evolution from traditional advertising to tech enabled advertising is trending today. As a result of this, people have found ways to use it to the core. Tech driven advertising has been one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams. The method of bringing into public notice the various attributes and services of an organization, using the digital medium is helping businesses enhance their stance in the ecosystem, reach the targeted audience and gain acute recognition. This thought of availing the potentiality of tech enabled advertising for perking up clients' businesses incited the establishment of Outhum Media.

Outhum Media is India’s first IoT-based digital advertising platform that can remotely control the content of Digital Display. “People have great business ideas but cannot promote owing to lack of funds to advertise outdoor. The only option left is internet advertising, but it is a serious question if the audience will watch the ad without skipping. To companies that cannot afford to spend a lot on outdoor ads, we want to offer
seamless LED advertising at the lowest cost possible. With our platform businesses or brand can boost ads starting from Rs.1,” says Shashank, Founder & Director.

Traditionally, placing an ad on an outdoor advertising platform is time consuming and tedious in terms of contacting the media agency and other processes. Being well aware of the burdens, the company has researched the market in and out and designed a unique solution with an online accessible centralized control panel, remote monitoring, and Ad booking platform. In short, the online platform of Outhum helps customers systematically plan and choose the “time and location” of their advertisement campaigns. As per selection, the advertisement gets displayed automatically. The outcome can be conveniently accessed through the website or mobile App (android & iOS). Each slot is of 10 seconds and the price is as per Pay Per Slot (PPS) format. “We wanted to provide businesses with a cost-effective solution which enables them to run their advertisements right from the comfort of their home,” he informs.

In the near future, we see ourselves as the path breaking company that pioneered an IoT-enabled advertising solution for cost-effective and efficient promotions

Customer-focused Services
Customers have all the pertinent information at their fingertips and can schedule multiple digital advertising spots. Outhum primarily offers LED advertising solutions at affordable prices and allows users to track and monitor their campaigns.

Ultimately, the Pay Per Slot model delivers a winning value proposition and makes promotions easier for clients. Customers can plan their booking for multiple dates, locations, and time slots, as per their needs.

Although Outhum is a pocket friendly platform, its transparency and efficiency make it a unique solution provider. The system is completely automated and operated without any human intervention which provides timely service. In case of any technical issues or power outages that disturb the campaign, the unused ad amount is added to the user’s wallet to utilize later. "While improving our platform each day, we are looking forward to launching a views detection model to help the clients track how many have watched the ad screen,” he concludes.