Oxylus Nutraceuticals: Promoting Health through Evidence-based Functional Ingredients

Dr. Mallesh Mandha,   Founder & CEO

Dr. Mallesh Mandha

Founder & CEO

India enjoys a dubious distinction as a nutrition-deficient country. Not a proud fact to say; while we are one of the youngest populations in the world. Today, over 90 million of us are diabetic, ranking second in the world while 1 in every 10 diabetic patient is an Indian; cardiovascular diseases are culprit behind over 35 percent of the deaths and chronic kidney diseases are the 6 fastest growing cause of death in the country; also, a considerable population suffers rheumatic pain, iron-deficiency or anaemia.

Most of these casually existing health issues are the result of improper diet and nutritional imbalance. With the sole purpose of improving people’s health and getting back their lives to normalcy from several chronic conditions, companies like Oxylus Nutraceuticals are striving always.

Conceptualized by a team of experienced doctors, Oxylus offers products that supplement us with essential nutrients and aims to create a healthier and balanced lifestyle for all. In a very short span, Oxylus proved its unique proposition with the launch of its premium product CHOVSAFE.

It is India’s first nutraceutical lung protectant in terms of the composition and goes by the tagline SAFE LUNGS SAFE NATION. Coming from a pharmaceutical background, Dr. Mallesh Mandha and the team members are involved in research and evidence-based nutritional therapy to create world-class products with a unique composition.

The Downturn
Having his ground in healthcare, Dr. Mallesh
had no idea of business, operations, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, or any other enterprising aspects. With a pioneering concept in his hand, he approached over 21 hospitals, tons of clinics, friends, and investors; all that CHOVSAFE received was rejection and lack of interest. After a rigid rollercoaster ride, people started realizing the value of the product. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, the district medical officer of Guntur, AP, has permitted Oxylus to distribute CHOVSAFE in 18+ Covid Care Centers. Till now, it has impacted over 50,000 lives.

Oxylus is providing evidence-based nutritional therapies for patients with chronic diseases while offering the best scientific approaches to deal with pandemics and epidemics

Facing the Bright Side
All Oxylus products are 100 percent safe, non-genetically modified, free of parabens, gluten, artificial flavor, and color. It is an ISO-certified brand providing the highest quality products for a better and healthier world. The product formulations are synthesized in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & safetyassured by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).

With the overwhelming success of CHOVSAFE, Oxylus is envisioning to add more products to the pipeline and counter Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Nephrological, Neurological diseases and more. At present, the company is booming in the eCommerce segment and operating in several regions of Andhra and Telangana while making a mark in Bangalore as well. Moving ahead, it looks forward to Pan India expansion with a range of unconventional launches.

Apart of all the success, Oxylus is lending a helping hand for the better nation by offering 5% equally for women empowerment, education, and child malnutrition.

Marching towards Bigger Goal
Oxylus’s team of researchers are thought-leaders who work persistently and invent formulas that prioritize natural composition and results. They are taking actions to make people not rely on unnecessary chemical products which cause adverse side effects.

“Having worked in France for over two years, I observed Europeans and some American countries giving multifold prominence to nutrition. But Indian health market is inundated with pharmaceutical products, which are usually for cure and not prevention. We need a mindset change and focus on prevention; we are working towards it,” Dr. Mallesh concludes, “I’m grateful to my team and consultant, ENSCONCE, for making all this possible.”