Paavo India: Cultivating the Growth of Independently Owned Indian Boutique Brands

Atithee Ghanshani, FounderThere has been a progressive change in consumer buying habits towards opting for local brands in recent times. Consumers are becoming more conscious and are open to trying out new brands that complement their lifestyles. The current pandemic outbreak has led to the emergence of the D2C segment in the forefront, which has pushed local brands into the limelight through social media. These factors have made consumers feel more connected to brands they want to shop from and shop responsibly. While it's true that the first wave of the Pandemic led to the growing support towards the idea of #VocalForLocal; Atithee Ghanshani, anex marketing professional in the fashion and beauty industry, observed that the average consumer was still unaware or misinformed regarding small local brands and where to find them. This prompted Atithee to conceptualize the idea of Paavo India a platform that educates consumers about small businesses and helps them find a targeted yet a varied range of products from brands spread across India.

Atithee Ghanshani, in her professional journey, has garnered immense experience working for both online as well as the offline retail sectors. Her work experience in the field taught her that online retail exclusively aims for accessibility and a diverse product range that caters to all. While offline retail practices take a more niche approach when it comes to their product range and give more impetus on a personal approach to customer service at Paavo India, Atithee tries to blend in the two methods while promoting exceptional homegrown Indian brands.

Each company and product we highlight has a unique narrative that we want to share with you in the hopes that you will love them as much as we do!

The main criteria for any business that Paavo India collaborates with is that the brand must be founded in India. Paavo India curates products from small and independent businesses, providing consumers with a more targeted match dedicated to their unique preferences. "While we have some brands that are well known online since years such as Nature Therapy, Disguise Cosmetics, Boss Lady Cosmetic and Kaura India, we also seek to bring to the forefront new brands such as Simrasa Luxuries, Batti & Co., Lamina Care and Indihive Honey," revealed Atithee Ghanshani.

Founded when the pandemic's first wave was at its peak, the idea and essence behind Paavo India have been well received, and in under 7 months, the platform has already catered to all the Indian states with a gradual increase of customers repurchasing products. "Our primary focus ahead is to onboard innovative Indian brands that match our ethos, and we are aiming to provide a diverse category of products which will cater to the growing unique needs of every Indian consumer or household," concluded Atithee Ghanshani, in a recent interaction held with the StartUp City Editorial Team.