Padath Infotainment (PI): Understanding the Individual Taste in Music

Aghin Johnson, Founder
Aghin Johnson, Founder
The idea of music occurs differently to every individual. Some likes rock, some prefer jazz or blues, some enjoys pop etc. It is the psychological pattern of every listener that drives the genre of music in their minds and Aghin Johnson’s Padath Infotainment was inspired by the same idea when he launched this start-up in the Music & Entertainment domain in 2013.“ There is something called music theory which is scientifically studied in developed countries to understand the impact of music and human psychology, I am mainly inspired by science of music and vibrations” says Aghin.

Socialmob: Music Based Networking Community
Padath’s flagship offering is the Socialmob application which is gaining speed as a hotspot for music lovers. It also passionately serves content consumers on various trending subjects and drives the consumer’s attention through three different sessions. First is the content section in which one can find case centric which are evaluated and published by the in-house writers and contributed by various writers
across the world. This is followed by the music tab which hosts over 5000 Hours of music from Independent artists from around the world. As a consumer regularises the use of this application and seeks further entertainment through music,he is automatically provided with preferences that matches his taste. Every user can avail this facility once they are a part of the application.

"Padath’s flagship offering is the Socialmob application which is gaining speed as a hotspot for music lovers"

The third function serves as the final output for all the music lovers who are part of the Socialmob application. They are at liberty to give their insights into the application and share their knowledge and love for music, there by connecting with people with similar interests. This acts in a very innovative way in order to connect the music loving community. “Depending on the type of content you read as well as the kind of music that you listen to, the system automatically suggests not just the type of content and kinds of music, it also helps you to connect with people with similar interests”, says Aghin.

PI Touch: Scandinavian Talents Find Exposure in India
For the artist management and music production part, Padath brings fresh talents from around the globe and give them exposure to the Indian market through PI
Touch.For now,PI Touch is concentrating on artists from different Scandinavian countries and providing them exposure to the Indian audience. Aghin says, “We work with various artist and label house from around the world holding copyrights of the content and our motto is to help these artists by giving them a platform to showcase their talent.”

Brand auditing is the other section of PI Touch which not only generates revenue for Padath, but also helps it fund the Socialmob application. “Here we actually do auditing for a lot of brands. These are multinational companies, product based companies and even start-ups. For these organisations we provide services in the segments of business management, marketing and product development. This section generates the required revenue to bootstrap the Socialmob project which is being continued for the last 5 years”, says Aghin.

The Road Ahead
Team Padath is very enthusiastic and optimistic about the growth of this platform and has ideas in place for the same. Throwing light on the same, Aghin mentions, “Our Journey has been excellent over the last two years, currently we are planning to set up an international online radio station from india for the community . We want to move to different countries and expand globally so that content generation from any part of the world can be made possible.”