PalC Networks: Building Agile and Inclusive Workplace

The Covid pandemic has forced many firms around the world to close their doors and send most-if not all-representatives to work from home over the last few months, causing numerous surprises and difficulties for the IT industry. Firms, which are typically made up of net-work traffic from base camp, branch workplaces, and some remote staff, are presently seeing unique traffic and use designs.

Interest in networking has been on the ascent more than ever. Organizations require easier networking and eliminating some of the manual tasks is a big trend in networking right now, as end-users demand more automation and adaptable utilization models for their IT environments. As networking providers prepare to meet clients' future needs, the importance of cloud computing grows.

Catering to these requirements is PalC Networks, a provider of network and cloud development services that include SDN, NFV, White-box Networking, and Cloud App Development.

Palc Networks, which was founded in 2017 in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of the East, is a high-end services company that provides services in the areas of Data Networking, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, and so on.

The key focus area of PalC Networks is Whitebox Networking, Converged Packet Optical Networks, 5G, Edge Computing, IoT, and Net-work Analytics. The company size of PalC Networks is 80+ employees. The company delivers high-quality, on-demand, and cost-effective software solutions and services. They have varied & vast experience in products and software services delivery for many global clients from multibillion corporate to niche segment start-ups.

Journey of PalC Networks
When asked about the foundation journey of PalC Networks, Kings-ton (Co-Founder) commented "PalC Networks was founded to build a product in Hybrid Cloud, and we were incredibly early to the Market.
At this point, we realized that there is a necessity for a high-end Services Company that can bring cloud principles to Networking. Having vast experience in the Networking and Cloud domain,it was an obvious choice for us to start our journey in these areas. Also, the quantum leap change in Network industry due to the adoption of SDN/NFV principles in the networking segment gave us the head start in providing high-end services in these areas".

Work Environment of PalC Networks
Everyone in the firm has been carrying a friendly work culture and being transparent in all the aspects starting from policy, operations, workforce transformation, and work-life balance. The firm does not want to have a bell curve approach that makes employees raise their eyebrows. Moreover, the firm is not waiting for the season or function to recognize who needs to be recognized. It creates an immediate open forum and celebrates the success stories and a pat-on-the-back which gives priceless happiness to their employees. The most amazing thing with PalC is the firm did not create fancy facades to attract engineers or deemed customers. In-lieu it attracted every engineer with fantastic & fascinating technology. The open-minded approach is cultivated in their workplace thus brings up the strong rapport built between managers and team members.

The firm has been raised to support diversity and inclusion and employees are nurtured from day one about gender equality and no discrimination irrespective of age, race, or religion. The firm hosts and celebrates all the festivals and respect every culture from our heart and soul. It is stocking up new diversity programs, training, rallies, and events to be conducted in the nearest future. Their managers hold various leadership skills from establishing, scaling, spread heading growth across the business domain & Engineering units.

Training materials and designed, developed, and conducted by Architects and Technical managers to groom every campus recruit and enabling all sort of training needs and development and ensuring they become tech-savvy. Leaders have been per-forming a dual role from setting the vision, shaping up the organization by implementing growth strategies, driving a revolution, and managing technological interference.

Grooming a rookie builds a strong vibe among the organization and allows to identify Technical debt reduction in the early stage and get it recovered by competency mapping and WFT (Workforce Transformation). They have increased huddle-up sessions with managers and leaders and ensured each of their team reached home safe and all the required as-sets delivered to their destination on time for the continuity of work. PalC Networks has strong technical project management capabilities and follows stringent quality standards to ensure that the developed solutions give customers an edge over their competitors.