Pancika Studios: A Name that Speaks Value for Money in 3D Interior Designing & Visualization

Sunil Azad,Founder & Director

Sunil Azad

Founder & Director

Beautiful spaces and aesthetic appeal are no more the forte of the rich and the resplendent. With growing incomes and lifestyle awareness, social class is merely a word that exists in the news papers and magazines. Today, people are not content with just owning a house. They want to have a modern ulterior look that perfectly complements the nature and style of the owner. Interestingly, these preferences have existed since time immemorial that can still be seen in centuries old monuments spread across the globe. However, it wasn't until recent times that interior design and space styling became affordable. By tweaking the design styles and blending them with modern technology, the interior design industry now boasts a commendable position. Among plentiful service providers emerging in this opportunistic space, Pancika is a unique brand with a focus on 3D interior design, unmatched customer experience, excellent quality output, and highly efficient work ethics. "It is just a normal design studio like many others, but what makes us different is the way of work and how we approach work. At Pancika, we are committed to not only delivering the best output or great quality, but also to give an experience that enables a customer to worry less and get more," remarks the founder, Sunil Azad.

What started as a freelancing project to design furniture for retailers grew into a preferred destination for interior design. Constantly working towards enhancing its service portfolio, Pancika forayed ahead in the exterior design segment and does not hesitate from going above and beyond in its operations for the clients.

Luxury Spaces for All
A creative soul backed by the solid design and animation knowledge, Sunil wants to bring the best designs, quality, and affordability in one place. With cutting edge 3D technology, the team focuses on delivering a holistic service with less turn
around time and reduced cost. Furthermore, the company's ability to create a win win scenario and treat its customer with utmost respect has made it stand out among the crowd, where it has now carved a strong position of its own in the market.

Thoroughly updated and trained with current tech knows, the Pancika team is always willing to work on the creative aspects of designing with the customers by visiting sites and researching various models. "We offer high quality tech driven services including 3D Modeling, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Game Art, Visualization, Real time, and Interactive Application Development and many more," Sunil informs.

Pancika Studio is currently serving global clients from the US, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand, and others

Realistic 3D Rendering Saves a Lot
With Pancika Studios' realistic 3D rendering methods, people can see exactly how their interior will look with all designed elements put together. This helps people take correct choices when they come to start purchasing items for their homes. They can choose exactly what furniture, what color, the light fixture and the materials as per the 3D renderings. This also helps people to not just spend randomly on things that may not make good design sense in the end.

Customized Design Experience
At Pancika we believe that design is a subjective term and it tends to differ from person to person. What is trending may not always be likable for some. When it comes to interiors, people are very careful about their choices and look they want. So, our motive is always to put our client's ideas into design and don't deviate from what they are looking for. We simply make their ideas better and come to life.

Best Customer Experience at the Forefront
Pancika shuns doing standard designs and follows the customized approach to offer a unique solution to every client by making them an integral part of every process. Since its inception in 2019, it is delivering a differentiated customer experience in design and animation. "Since the start, we have produced brilliant work for our customers and helped them with handling large projects by providing the right direction. Our core goal is to increase the efficiency of 3D design and embrace advanced augmented reality techniques for a better customer experience. This apart, we are also looking forward to entering into gaming segment in the long term," Sunil mentions.