Panthaki Architects: Transforming Dreams to Reality

Phiroze J. Panthaki ,   Chief Architect

Phiroze J. Panthaki

Chief Architect

Today, Architecture acts as a catalyst for building communities, uplifting lifestyles, inculcating cultures, and creating spaces that improve the overall development of cities. Panthaki Architects offer exquisite architectural and interior design services. A dedicated team of designers focuses on transforming client dreams into reality, with the motto ‘one design at a time’. A Mumbai-based firm, Panthaki Architects was established in 2020 by award winning Ar. Phiroze Panthaki. Panthaki has worked alongside Ar. Noshir Talati for 47 years, as a partner of Talati and Panthaky Associated Designers.

Bolstered by a Strong Workforce
Panthaki Architects provide a wide range of services of the highest standard. The design process begins with the conceptualization stage, wherein client requirements and project brief are thoroughly studied. Based on this, preliminary sketches and design options are developed. “Clients prefer elevation over planning, but since everything must be done stagewise, my philosophy is ‘proper planning, proper circulation, and finally the elevation’.

We need clients to comprehend this. Every design is site specific we first delve into the specifics of each site before moving on to the architecture and the elevation. Some of my old buildings were developed on existing structures like Jindal Mansion, on Peddar road", explained, Ar. Phiroze Panthaki.

Panthaki Architects develops architecture as well as interiors. Their projects involve residential and commercial buildings, bungalows, factories, offices, malls, educational institutions, and so on. One of the major projects of the firm is for the NMIMS group, where Panthaki was appointed as the Chief Architect for all their campuses in Shirpur, Dhule, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Indore. Other prestigious projects of the firm include a school in Neemrana, Rajasthan, a French international school in Mumbai, and various projects in Muscat, Oman.

Every design is site specific the company first delves into the specifics of each site before moving on to the architecture & the elevation

The design team has a strength of 25 members and consists of Principal Architects, Associate Architects, Liaisoning Associate Architects, Architectural Assistants, 3D visualizers, Interior Associates, and Interior Designers. "I look into most of the designs. I design in the traditional way, using paper, pencil, and scale and not a computer. The nature of the project then decides the architect in charge of the same”, remarked Ar. Phiroze Panthaki.

Many of their old clients have moved with them and called upon them for their services. New projects are also coming into the firm by word of mouth. This is indicative of the faith and trust, old and new clients have in Ar. Phiroze Panthaki and his firm.

“I'm very pleased with my proficient team who have been with me since the initial days. The firm has been built on a solid foundation of excellence in design and I wish for this to continue. My vision for the next five years is for us to expand and grow in every possible way", concludes Ar. Phiroze Panthaki.