Paragraph Business Centre: Space to Grow

Harshil Khajanchi,FounderAmbient and cozy work environment initiates productivity. Lack of privacy, noise, unhealthy environment and other aspects affect the satisfaction and mental health of employees. To stimulate employees and motivate them to keep a healthy lifestyle, employers these days take care of their health by organizing a proper workplace: temperature level, ventilation, light, office furniture all influencing physical condition and boosting spirits. One such company that adheres to this ideology and furnishes vibrant and welcoming office space to businesses and organizations is Paragraph Business Centre, led by Harshil Khajanchi a zealous entrepreneur in the co-working domain.

Harshil's inclination towards Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology encouraged him to know the market and understand its pros and cons. During this time, he analyzed the practical environment under which business works.

He recognized that organizations in tier 2 cities were facing major issues concerning space to set their ventures. Though libraries were set up to support the business those were extremely unprofessional. Observing these, Harshil came forth with ‘Paragraph Business Centre' in the year 2018, making room for entrepreneurs, enterprises and all sorts of businesses. "Co-working spaces are gaining traction in tier 2 cities. Though they are already popular in tier 1 cities, the
business shift in cities like Ahmedabad is making this segment gain momentum. Finding this apt, I resolute to start some thing of my own and help people accomplish their goals,"says Harshil.

Paragraph provides hassle free comfortable working areas to free-lancers, startups and big corporate players as well. The company caters amazing infrastructure and amenities by analyzing and understanding every single requirement of the clients. Aligning its concepts with the trend and shift in businesses this new age startup has come up with various modules like Virtual office, Hour Glass Chalet, Private Chalet, Professional Chalet, premium soundproof cabins, and many other plug and play services. Harshil exclaims,"Setting up a business and owning a space involves huge funds, it will also come with many problems in terms of management. Paragraph not only provides companies with substantial needs but also takes care of management aspects."

Paragraph Business Centre offers premium office facilities and comfortable atmosphere which makes the client feel it's their ‘own office'

The company is structured to offer premium office facilities and comfortable atmosphere which makes the client feel it's their ‘own office'. It also confers end end business solutions from designing logos to creating websites and connecting with experts in various appellations for any legalities or compliances.

Journey and Roadmap
Beginning the venture with 7000 sqft of space, the company slowly and steadily stretched up to 30000 sq ft in the short span of one year. The occupancy ratio witnessed a massive shift from 10 per cent to 95 per cent, which includes a perfect balance of both startups and MNCs. The trick of scale is the brand new concept called `Customized Office Space', where the company designs the space as per the client's thoughts and requirements. To which he says, "Retaining clients is essential and we make sure that client stays on to us by making them feel comfortable. We follow Blue Ocean strategy to create an oligopoly in this competitive market. The name 'Paragraph' refers to a building block of a story, similarly, we as a client centric company, shove our clients towards excellence along with our growth."

Currently, having its presence in Ahmedabad, the company has set up its branch in the Mondeal heights a top class corporate building. It is targeting to expand the space further and get around 1 lakh sqft into its zone.