Parallel23: Co-Creating Brands

KS Adarssh & Jyothi, Co-FoundersFrom door to door advertisement to word of mouth publicity, India has always relied on traditional methodsof marketing. But with the rapid digitisation and changing times, the new concept of marketing is gaining momentum in the country and businesses are offered with more opportunities to connect with the customers. Currently, digital marketing is leading the way in the segment and is assisting businesses in engaging the customer's attention by helping them build a unique and innovative campaign. Tapping on the present contingency, many startups are now coming forward and changing the landscape of how businesses communicate with their customers and lending them a helping hand in building a brand value for themselves. One such agency that is putting out path breaking work and setting benchmarks in advertising is Parallel23. "It all started when Jyothi, Vibin and Praveen were talking about plush jobs with corporate ideations andworking on their own terms. After they proposed the idea to me, we thought of building around the plan and thus the zeal to start something of our own and the yearn for branding and advertising led to the foundation of Parallel23 and since then it has been like an adventure ride,"says KS Adarssh, Co-Founder.
Focused on making people's life easier with brand, digital and social media landscape, Parallel23 excels in the integration needed to understand a B2B mandate and plugs away with a passion to create work that stands apart. The company is keen on building pioneering brands with purpose and delivering a measurable impact on their clients' business while helping them in smoothly steering away amidst economic hurricanes, fluctuations, and downfall. Through its diversified array of services, Parallel23 made it possible to tame media spends as per desired budgets/vision to have impact based marketing.

Through its diversified array of services, Parallel23 made it possible to tame media spends as per desired budgets/vision to have impact based marketing

Started with a massive work portfolio and a client in hand but no office space at dispense, the journey of Parallel23 has been like a roller coaster ride. From getting clients on board to hiring the right talent, the company ran into a number of challenges on its way. "In the initial days, we faced a few financial glitches and choosing right people for the job proved to be difficult. But with the team working tirelessly and streamlining client pitches to every minute detail combined with the business management and financial discipline that was brought in, we were able to take on the hurdles and devise focus delivery models to address the demands of brands,"avers Jyothi, CoFounder.

Working with various MNC's and providing them with an integrated solution right from planning to execution, Parallel23 help brands reach to their best abilities through technology,consumer centric campaigns, digital strategy,digital transformation and creative services. Currently based in Hyderabad, the company is planning to extend its operations to Delhi and UAE. "We have a strong vision in hand that will transform the way business is done. We will work on integration as it tends to provide growth potential for talent and better retention for the company. This will in turn, create opportunities for better pricing models heftier margins, and substantial earnings expansion," Adarssh concludes.