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Dr. Soodip Neogi,Founder
Dr.Soodip Neogi, MD

Bangalore based ParcelNow Worldwide, an e-Logistics platform visions to be a preferred choice of all Indian across the globe for complete logistics management. The company innovates eLogistics through GPS based pickup using mobile app from the doorstep, delivers in time with tracking on mobile app–resulting in a convenient situation for the shippers and customers.

“Leveraging our capabilities in the entire process, our end-to-end transportation solutions, packaging and clearing effectively reduce intermediary costs providing a single window to our customers for B2B, B2C, C2C logistics Services. From picking the goods to continuously monitoring shipments from the origin to destination and ensuring that there is no communication gap while interacting with multiple agencies in transit, we do it all,”says Dr.Soodip Neogi,MD.

ParcelNow Worldwide was conceived as an eLogistics platform to simplify the logistics services for consumers. The ideation was further strengthened by industry’s best brains who with their in-depth and intrinsic planning chiseled each step and process to enter into the most vital
yet ignored sector that drives every business.“The idea was to cater to 61.69 million residing overseas, travelers, overseas events logistics and cross border e-Commerce shipments,” Soodip informs.

" At present, ParcelNow Worldwide is working to create an eLogistics Block Chain global platform for all eco-system stakeholders "

Initially, as a start-up, to carve a niche without marketing collaterals was no less than a challenge but that did not deter the team form doing what they wanted to. Keeping in mind The Indian Government's ambitious 'Digital India Project' and rapid modernization, the team has adopted an innovative continuous business model which is futuristic for 1.2 billion connected Indians creating multiple opportunities for all. “The response has been overwhelming and we take utmost pride in our persistent efforts towards a greener future,’ he says.

It has recently launched affordable, convenient and speedy extra baggage management solutions for all travelers traveling to 220 international destinations worldwide. “Being able to ship outsized luggage and heavy bags, we guarantee our door to door baggage services are up to 60 percent cheaper. This service is specially designed for people who are looking for easy & economical solution to bypass strict airline rules on extra baggage,”Soodip avers.

Determined to create logistics entrepreneurs in India through its SAATHI model, the platform
provides seamless integration of CRM, logistics management,work talent management, accounts, and all other required tools. The company also specializes in events logistics with a large international component (major conferences),complex events in foreign countries(sporting events), events in remote locations, exhibitions of large or complex products(agriculture), and travelling exhibitions.

Exploring new Possibilities
What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its business model that is unique in terms of technology and operations. Embarking its journey from Bangalore, it had its pilot run in June 2017 and drew an exceptional response. In December 2017, there were 700 plus applicants for ParcelNow Worldwide’s Franchise.

At present, ParcelNow Worldwide is working to create an eLogistics Block Chain global platform for all eco-system stakeholders. This would enable to seamlessly integrate and activate the stakeholders to create orders and conduct business across the eco-system. “Our Technical team is working on the potential to utilize Artificial Intelligence to help companies monitor inventory, manage warehouse stock, optimize fleet routes, and reduce dead mileage. It would also provide the required connection between the warehousing team and the distribution team while providing the customer with enhanced visibility of their cargo en route, keeping the entire data and process secured,” concludes Soodip.