Parit Bansal: An Empowering & Diligent Leader with a Mission to Disrupt the E-Sports Industry

Parit Bansal, Co-Founder & Director

Parit Bansal

Co-Founder & Director

Bringing a business idea into reality is no walk in the park. Entrepreneurship may offer a great deal of profits but at the same time, it comes with a great deal of risk too. A budding entrepreneur needs patience, perseverance, and resilience to build up a venture from the ground. From finding the right niche to studying the market situation to planning and research demands a never give up mindset. Having said that, there is nothing compared to the satisfaction one feels when an idea becomes a success. However, once a business is up and running, it is crucial to be a good manager with great business sense and entrepreneurial skills. Such an example of a true leader is Parit Bansal, Co-Founder and Director of Super 4, India’s leading fantasy sports app.

Childhood Passion Paves the Way
It is one thing to have a passion and another to truly pursue it. Parit Bansal was an avid cricket player from a very young age. Coming from a family of business leaders, he nurtured a dream of combining business and cricket. Upon identifying an opportunity in the e-sports space, he came up with an idea that would help him to push the boundaries of entertainment and innovation in this domain. Even though his journey took a turn that required in joining the family business, eventually, he was able to bring this idea to life through Super 4.

Parit Bansal is part of a family that has an array of business leaders. Needless to say, he was able to learn and experience the business world first-hand and naturally grew out to be an entrepreneur. Today, this MBA graduate from Symbiosis, Pune has over eight years of experience in various fields of business establishment such as hospitality, production of series, short movies, music videos and others, encompassing marketing operations and financial matters.

Innovating the E-sports Industry
As a visionary, how exactly is Parit Bansal innovating the e-sports industry? The answer to this question is the growth and popularity of the Super 4 app. Unlike other similar apps in this space, the team is continuously in pursuit to bring in various features that open up a wild experience of gaming to its players. One such feature is to create their own scoreboard. This helps in increasing the chances of winning and keeping up the players’ spirit. It is also the differentiating factor that makes the app stand out from others. Not only that, the team is currently focusing on its transition to a real money-playing app, which will surely bring more opportunities for Super 4 as well as its players. In addition, various other features are in line to be launched that ensures a unique playing experience.

Within a year, we got half a million downloads & over seventy thousand players. This is our biggest achievement

According to Parit Bansal, a leader must possess two main qualities - the ability to build relationships with their team and active listening skills. These skills will help a leader to unlock the potential of a team and help them strive and align with an organization’s goal. Super 4’s brilliant and vibrant team is an exemplification of this philosophy. Within a short period of time, the team’s capabilities were recognized and appreciated and they were efficiently steered to success.

Furthermore, the Super 4 team has a lot more in store for the future. Going forward, the app will be offering more games including football and playing cards. They move forward with a mission to become one of the top players in India. “Within a year, we got half a million downloads and over seventy thousand players. This is our biggest achievement", says Parit Bansal, Co-Founder & Director, Super 4.