Patentmaniac: One - Stop IP Services Provider

Jatinder Kumar,  Co-Founder,Nitinpal singh, Co-Founder

Jatinder Kumar, Co-Founder

Nitinpal singh, Co-Founder

Human’s creative power and genuinity has engendered bewildering innovations that have removed complexities, making the manner of living much plainer. Many futuristic creations have simplified and enhanced the procedure of executing legal activities in and around the world. One of the trailblazing measures fabricated to aggrandize the legal ecosystem is IP service which alludes to Intellectual Property rights. It is an effective measure that administers and safeguards every unique idea or inventions of each and every citizen. In this manner it empowers an individual to earn a positive monetary and personal recognition.

This merit of IP services enticed the imagination of an industry maven, Nitin Pal who deciphered the need of implementing this law in a wider spectrum in order to pore over the inventor’s breathtaking ideas and objectives. And give shape to this intention of his, he established PatentManiac, an organization that puts forward cost effective and quality solutions in spheres Attorneys, Law/IP Firms, Corporations, Legal Departments and Inhouse counsels. Its services back organisations and individuals to obtain absolute productivity, resilience, competence, and proficiency. In essence the company’s main motive is design solutions to bring down the rate of monetary loss and encourage the fabrication of spectacular and innovatory ideas notions. “The importance of IP services was always clear to us. We knew the kind of power it holds in exploring, promoting and saving the authenticity of the
creative line of thinking. Hence we grabbed the opportunity to launch our self into the ecosystem as an IP & Legal Consultancy firm,” narrates Nitin Pal, Founder, PatentManiac.

PatentManiac services back organisations and individuals to obtain absolute productivity, resilience, competence, and proficiency

The company has earmarked clienteles belonging to the Law Firms,Fortune 500+ companies, Universities, Patent Licensing Firms and Individual inventors across the globe. It has ploughed in significant time, energy and capital in structuring client engagement models for the overall advancement of businesses, ideas and skills besides managing their patent works. Hence it can be defined as a one stop shop providing analytical support in generating, protecting and commercializing IP which enhances the furtherance of its clients. “We normally speak with the clients that are situated across the globe. We also have some client engagement sessions to addresses the client’s needs and requirements. The idea is getting in touch with them and knows about their latest innovations and inventions. This process of ours can be termed as client portfolio management where we have segregated the clients by categories which based on their business magnitude i.e. premium, small and medium. We observe a Six Sigma process methodology to design solutions based on their IP needs,” he states.

The Positive Rise
Adhering to an excellent concept and being supported by a fabulously talented team, PatentManiac has achieved great success in every vertical. At present, it has a team of 40+ members who are ardently serving about 1000+ active clients both at national and international level. Apart from working with the top names in the industry, the company is fraternizing with San Diego based law firms. Its outstanding performance has won it acute acknowledgment and is awarded with IP Excellence Award by Questel, India as one of the most promising IP companies in year 2019.

Subsequently, the company has plans for its expansion in terms of its workforce and business development models. As of now, it is dedicatedly working towards building up its operational team strength within the nation. On the other hand it is negotiating with Indian Universities and organizations and intends to cater their IP requisites. “Our future plan is to expand our team by hiring the best talent in the town and inaugurate sales office in Shanghai, China, London, and other such countries. The main motif here is to ameliorate our gains and take the business to the next level,” he concludes.